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SecureVideo serves Behavioral Health Practices, Medical Practices, Health & Hospital Systems, and more.

Telehealth Designed for Your Practice

Medical Practices

Connect in a Click: Telehealth Solutions for Medical Practices

Medical practices benefit from SecureVideo’s stability, ease of use, and quick implementation process.

SecureVideo delivers a comprehensive, affordable video conferencing solution for medical practices. Its features are similar to your Practice Management System (PMS), EHR, or EMR and include online payment, document management, clinical charting, and notes capabilities.

SecureVideo provides the One-Click video engine for brief visits, which saves time by eliminating the need to download or install an application on the provider’s and patient’s devices.

Built with stability and reliability in mind, SecureVideo is ideal for busy medical practices looking to provide high quality virtual care.

Health & Hospital Systems

Virtual Clinic: The Next Generation of Telehealth for Health & Hospital Systems

Leverage SecureVideo’s advanced features across multiple use cases.

SecureVideo helps health and hospital systems reach even more patients with the advanced Virtual Clinic feature. Using Virtual Clinic, providers or specialists easily establish telehealth connections between locations, even if they are in different departments within the same hospital or in separate hospitals.

Virtual Clinic can support multiple use cases, so it can be tailored to the specific needs of each hospital system. For instance, a dedicated device in an emergency department can be configured to assist with a specialty triage. Perhaps your hospital has a group of psychiatrists that aren’t physically in the same emergency department, but are on call to remotely assist with emergency psychiatric evaluations. With SecureVideo, the device can be configured to request an on-demand session with all of the psychiatrists at one time.

Behavioral Health

Super Video Quality: The Best Video Platform for Behavioral Health Practices

Improve patient outcomes while keeping your sessions confidential and secure with our HIPAA compliant platform.

SecureVideo offers an exceptional telehealth solution for behavioral health practices. The quality and stability of the video connection is critical to the positive outcome of a behavioral health session, and Zoom’s superior video quality ensures that your sessions run smoothly.

SecureVideo’s encryption features provide an added layer of security to ensure patient privacy. Behavioral health practices enjoy a logical and efficient workflow around telehealth sessions.

Our robust telehealth solutions provide an easy and reliable avenue for behavioral health providers to connect with their patients. We deliver easy scheduling and automatic reminders to simplify appointment management. With SecureVideo, providers can easily expand their telehealth offerings while maintaining streamlined workflows.

Reliable & Discreet Telehealth with SecureVideo

Why choose SecureVideo for your healthcare practice?

Telehealth is a convenient and safe way to connect with a healthcare provider when an in-person visit isn’t necessary.

Patients in more remote locations or in situations where leaving their home isn’t a simple task, use telehealth to more easily access healthcare services. SecureVideo is designed to ensure convenience, accessibility, and safety.

Video Conferencing for Any Healthcare Provider

Simple, affordable solution to maintain patient privacy while improving communication with your patients.

SecureVideo is the ideal telehealth solution for a wide range of healthcare practices. Our intuitive and custom branded system enables new care workflows within networks and across communities. Offering advanced features such as multiple video engines, cloud recording, and a “Virtual Clinic” for easy online scheduling or on-demand session requests, healthcare providers can begin to realize the benefits of our solution right away.

Our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform delivers great support for staff and patients, as well as advanced tools including E-Documents, Masked Calling, and even translation services on-demand. With SecureVideo, providers can overcome telehealth headaches to conveniently meet with patients for follow ups, initial consultations, therapy sessions, post-op care, and more.

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