Customer Care with SecureVideo

SecureVideo is a team of technology and business professionals; our customers are healthcare providers, representing all sizes of organizations from solo practitioners to large healthcare systems.

Our Telehealth Solution Helps You Focus On Quality of Care, Not Technology

When you choose SecureVideo, you’re choosing the most compliant, feature-rich, and easy to use telehealth solution available.

Save time and frustration by having our team of experts help you get up and running quickly.

Spend more time with patients and clients, and less time on technology issues.

Get confident support from a team that knows the product inside and out.

Let us take care of the troubleshooting so you can focus on what you're good at - providing quality healthcare.

Dedicated to Empowering Healthcare Providers 24/7/365

Our team of technology experts is here to help you provide seamless care for your patients.

SecureVideo understands that providing quality telehealth care requires more than a great product. It requires a team of dedicated professionals who are always available to help you succeed. That’s why SecureVideo offers 24/7 technical support. 

Thorough, courteous, and professional, SecureVideo’s team empowers our customers to provide the best virtual care possible.

Bottom line: telehealth providers choose our people as well as our platform.

Find the Telehealth Solution for Your Practice

Join the thousands of medical professionals that confidently rely on SecureVideo.

Telehealth Support You Can Count On

SecureVideo’s support team is dedicated to our customers having a successful telehealth experience. Our support professionals respond in a timely manner and are willing to connect over the phone, via email, via chat, even via video conference if live 1:1 support is needed.

Our 800 number is staffed 24/7 by live, friendly technical support agents for both providers and participants needing assistance with their telehealth session.

We understand that telehealth can be a new experience for many people, and our support team is available to help make your encounter as smooth as possible. We want you to feel confident using SecureVideo for all of your telehealth needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Conferencing platforms like Zoom were built to serve a very wide customer base, whereas SecureVideo had telehealth in mind from the ground up. That means features that a healthcare professional would value are built right into SecureVideo. From online paperwork to automatic reminders, the features you’ll enjoy in SecureVideo will make you feel like we “get” you. And in the event you need a little help along the way, our high-touch support will have your back.

We pride ourselves on our ability to configure the platform for any use case! SecureVideo’s clients include behavioral health practices, hospitals, health systems, primary care physicians, neurology practices, counselors, social workers, dental groups, and more. We encourage any healthcare professional that wants to offer quality telehealth visits to consider us as your partner.

One of our core values is providing excellent support, so that you have a successful experience with our platform. Our support team is here to help, and can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we offer support via live chat and email during business hours. Plus, our support team is not only here for you, but for your participants as well! This way, if they need any technical assistance, they can reach out to us for help rather than the burden being on you. We’ll handle the support so that you can focus on care!

Yes, you are connected to a live person when calling our 24-hour support line, and our live chat function is always answered by a live team member as well. We understand that the first priority is getting you or your participants connected to your session, and our team is standing by to help.