Telehealth for Behavioral Health

SecureVideo brings you a safe environment to deliver effective behavioral health sessions with comprehensive, HIPAA compliant telehealth.

Why Behavioral Healthcare Providers Are Choosing SecureVideo

Behavioral Healthcare practices are rapidly adopting SecureVideo for its excellent video quality, encryption, and ease of use.

SecureVideo is the perfect telehealth solution for behavioral health providers. With its quality and stability of video connection, SecureVideo safeguards patient progress and fosters a strong personal connection between patient and provider. Lags and failed connections can interfere with patient care, but SecureVideo mitigates this common pitfall.

Additionally, because SecureVideo integrates Zoom’s superior video quality, providers can feel confident that sessions are conducted in a secure setting with added encryption. For these reasons and many more, behavioral health providers are choosing SecureVideo as their telehealth solution of choice.

Quality Care Delivered with the Best Technology: Key Features for Behavioral Telehealth

Behavioral health practitioners benefit tremendously from the secure, convenient workflow of Securevideo.

Discover How SecureVideo is Transforming Group Therapy

Transform the way you provide group therapy with SecureVideo. Our platform makes it easy to hold secure and private sessions with participants.

Group telehealth therapy is important for building a sense of community, reducing feelings of isolation, and allowing participants to learn new perspectives from others. SecureVideo facilitates these outcomes by enabling providers to conduct group sessions with up to 300 participants. The goal of our telehealth platform for group therapy is to ensure that all participants can feel comfortable and safe sharing their thoughts and experiences.

SecureVideo makes it easier than ever for participants to join sessions and receive upcoming session reminders. The platform’s “add recurrence” feature can be used to automatically schedule sessions that are held on a recurring basis, while reducing the workflow burden on the host. Participants in a group receive their own invitation, unique link to join, and automatic reminders, creating a more streamlined experience for all.

Telehealth Drives Success in Geriatric Depression Treatment

Download the study to learn the results discovered by Professor Choi and her research team at a large public university. The study focused on the effectiveness of telehealth counseling on depression in older adults as opposed to in-person treatment. The results were astounding.

The Complete Telehealth Solution for Behavioral Health

SecureVideo provides the features providers need to manage behavioral health across all stages of care.

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