Clinical Live Chat

SecureVideo’s Clinical Chat feature provides HIPAA compliant messaging for healthcare practices, ensuring secure communication between providers and patients.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging for Virtual Health Practices

Virtual consultations have become more accessible and convenient for participants using the SecureVideo Clinical Chat feature as it provides options for asynchronous care and transactional messages.

As part of our Virtual Waiting Room feature, our live Clinical Chat is yet another tool that enables providers to offer optimal patient care.

The Benefits of Live Chat for Telehealth

With a HIPAA compliant and user-friendly chat interface for healthcare consultations, SecureVideo’s Clinical Chat tool offers a secure and convenient way for clinicians to communicate with patients, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of telehealth sessions.

Healthcare practices can realize a wealth of benefits using our Clinical Chat feature.

Peace of mind from using a secure message exchange tool

Convenience of text or email notifications when a chat message is received.

Flexibility of being able to use the chat tool before, during, or after sessions.

Utility of having file transfer capabilities for secure exchange of pertinent health documents like lab results.

Clinical Chat FAQs

Allowing chat interactions between providers and patients may be a new concept for some. Here are some frequently asked questions about the feature:

No. Chat conversations can only be initiated by a patient if there is an active session scheduled with them, because they can only access the chat feature through their Virtual Waiting Room page.

Yes! Chat conversations can be launched by a provider with anyone, anytime. This means the tool could be used for a quick follow-up interaction after a telehealth appointment, or even to send a reminder to a patient that they should contact the office to schedule a visit.

Yes, an Account Administrator can restrict this feature for organizational use only, meaning that only users within your practice’s SecureVideo account can use it to communicate with each other. It can also be disabled entirely by our support team if desired.

SecureVideo chat messages (or files sent through chat) are retained for 24 hours before they are automatically and permanently deleted.

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