Advanced Session Tools with SecureVideo

SecureVideo harnesses the latest telehealth technology to make virtual sessions seamless and secure.

Video Conferencing Platform with the Latest Telehealth Technology

Our advanced session tools enable streamlined telehealth appointments for providers and participants, allowing for an optimal experience every time. Our features are designed to make remote care more effortless than ever before while maintaining strict security standards to ensure total patient confidentiality and safety.

Leverage HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Tools for Streamlined Patient Care

Advanced session tools like our Virtual Waiting Room feature and E-Documents streamline telehealth care from the start of a session until after the patient and provider have logged off. 

Virtual Waiting Room

The Virtual Waiting Room from SecureVideo delivers advanced tools to create a seamless patient experience.

Our intuitive, user-friendly platform allows you to customize your branding and colors to create an engaging waiting room experience.

Patients can also quickly fill out all necessary paperwork in advance and make payments securely. Plus, they can digitally sign any forms within the Virtual Waiting Room for an easier check-in experience. 


SecureVideo’s E-Documents provide a robust and secure way to send and receive sensitive PHI before a telehealth session.

Our platform allows patients to complete and digitally sign forms online with ease, from any device. Users can build custom templates that can easily be populated with text fields, check boxes, dropdown fields and more.

Providers can also organize their forms into packets so that their patients are always assigned the appropriate set of forms for any encounter. Plus, SecureVideo’s automated session invitations and reminders alert the patient that paperwork needs to be completed ahead of their session, helping to ensure that it is completed without delays.

More Telehealth Tools for Greater Functionality & Enhanced Sessions

SecureVideo offers a wealth of advanced tools that enable a smooth telehealth session each time.

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