Frequently Asked Questions

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If possible, we recommend offering both. Sometimes, there is no substitute for seeing your provider in person, but for those visits that can be conducted virtually, telehealth offers convenience and flexibility for your patients/clients. It also allows your practice to reach people for whom visiting the doctor in person is a real challenge. (Read more about this topic in our blog, Expanding Telehealth Services to Reach More Communities with SecureVideo!)

Video Conferencing platforms like Zoom were built to serve a very wide customer base, whereas SecureVideo had telehealth in mind from the ground up. That means features that a healthcare professional would value are built right into SecureVideo. From online paperwork to automatic reminders, the features you’ll enjoy in SecureVideo will make you feel like we “get” you. And in the event you need a little help along the way, our high-touch support will have your back.

We pride ourselves on our ability to configure the platform for any use case! SecureVideo’s clients include behavioral health practices, hospitals, health systems, primary care physicians, neurology practices, counselors, social workers, dental groups, and more. We encourage any healthcare professional that wants to offer quality telehealth visits to consider us as your partner.

SecureVideo was built with the understanding that it must be a trustworthy, reliable platform by which care can be delivered. With features such as a video engine fallback, disaster recovery, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection, our users can depend on SecureVideo to be ready and working when their appointment time comes. (More information about these features can be found in our blog post: How Reliable Telehealth Features Lead to Better Care Outcomes.)

One of our core values is providing excellent support, so that you have a successful experience with our platform. Our support team is here to help, and can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we offer support via live chat and email during business hours. Plus, our support team is not only here for you, but for your participants as well! This way, if they need any technical assistance, they can reach out to us for help rather than the burden being on you. We’ll handle the support so that you can focus on care!

Yes, you are connected to a live person when calling our 24-hour support line, and our live chat function is always answered by a live team member as well. We understand that the first priority is getting you or your participants connected to your session, and our team is standing by to help.

Yes! Organizations with 50 or more users may qualify for Enterprise pricing with a custom agreement. Simply reach out to our team to discuss your specific use case and requirements. We will work through the process with you and develop an Enterprise plan that is specific to your telehealth needs.

SecureVideo accounts can be configured to use Zoom (installed application) or One-Click (our in-browser engine) to ensure we meet the unique needs of our diverse range of customers. Each engine has its advantages, and offering both gives our customers more flexibility. Moreover, it gives them the ability to easily switch from one to the other as a backup if they run into technical challenges, which can mean the session is held rather than being rescheduled.

You may create as many document templates as you need, and they can be configured into multiple packets for different sets of paperwork. For example, you may have a “New Patient Packet” that includes all of your initial paperwork, and a “Follow-Up Visit Packet” that includes a more brief form, and a post-visit survey. Templates and packets can be created on your own using our easy template-builder, or our support team can work with you to develop your custom forms (professional services fees may apply). Learn more about our E-Documents feature here!

Developers can use the SecureVideo APIs to create an integration between SecureVideo and other systems that offer API connections, such as your Practice Management System, or EHR/EMR. Our APIs are most commonly used to manage users, sync scheduling, and manage paperwork. Our comprehensive API documentation can be found here:

New account users can begin holding telehealth sessions within just a few minutes! You may opt to sign up through our website, or for larger organizational accounts, you may decide to work with one of SecureVideo’s customer success team members, for some extra assistance. We can help with adding larger groups of users and configuring your account to your needs. At most, we can have you up and running within just a few business days.