System Integrations for Telehealth

Integrate your videoconferencing tools with your organization’s existing tools for better workflows.

The Growing Need for Seamless Integrations in Healthcare

Due to the increasing need for seamless use of virtual care, many practices look for ways to integrate our videoconferencing tools with their organization’s existing applications.

We’ve developed tools that allow various levels of integration with a practice’s existing tools, such as an EHR or practice management system. Some of these tools are easily configurable through our stand-alone product, without a need for any additional development to get started. More sophisticated tools are available through API, which enable several options for automated access, reduction of redundant tasks, and a smooth flow of information.

This flexibility, in combination with the wealth of features the SecureVideo platform offers, results in better care delivery and satisfied patients and providers.

The Benefits of Using a Telehealth API

The use of API in healthcare has become a game-changer in streamlining processes and improving the telehealth experience. Here are some of the standout advantages of leveraging our API:

Reduction of complexity for clinical staff

Improved accuracy in data entry for patient information

Elimination of duplicate logins and appointment scheduling

Reduce administrative burden for paperwork completion

Explore Telehealth Integration with Your Current Systems

SecureVideo’s available integration tools and APIs offer a convenient way to achieve your integration goals. Our RESTful API is fully documented and allows for simple implementation, making it a viable solution for healthcare organizations looking to integrate telehealth services into their existing systems.

With support for third-party API integrations, your EHR, EMR, or PMS can seamlessly communicate with our platform, providing a streamlined experience for you and your patients. For healthcare practices with specific needs and use cases, please consult a SecureVideo representative, and we will work with you to develop an implementation plan.

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