Account Customization

SecureVideo allows you to customize your telehealth account to align with your practice’s brand identity.

Take Full Control of Your Telehealth Experience

Company logo for quick recognition

Company contact keeps support in-house

Company brand colors

With SecureVideo’s options to incorporate your logo and brand colors, your virtual waiting room, invitations, and E-Documents will boast a cohesive and professional look. Practices ensure a consistent appearance by customizing the account subdomain to match their website.

Our account customization also includes the ability to provide a custom support phone number or email address to keep all telehealth support in-house.

Conveying consistent and clear messaging to patients regarding their telehealth sessions is essential for your reputation as a provider, and that’s why we also allow you to customize specific language and policies for all invitations and reminders sent to your participants. You can ensure that all communications are courteous, professional, and aligned with your practice, from support to branding.

Advanced Telehealth Solutions to Suit Your Practice Needs

With account customization, providers can maximize their branding potential while ensuring a consistent and professional image across all your telehealth communications. Account customization with SecureVideo includes additional benefits, such as those listed below.

Configure to fit your practice's needs

Consistency with your practice's branding

Greater efficiency when communicating with your session participants.

Leverage Our Account Customization Features in More Ways Than One

Don’t limit SecureVideo’s account customization tools to just branding your telehealth platform.

Our customers have found creative ways to utilize these tools, such as adding their unique cancellation policy to session invitations sent by email. This small detail sets patient expectations and helps practices avoid last-minute cancellations that can impact their bottom line.

New ways to customize your patient's experience with SecureVideo

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SecureVideo offers a unique level of account customization while ensuring a seamless and professional experience for providers and patients alike. Contact us today to get started with the Account Customization feature.