Virtual Clinic On-Demand

SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic On-Demand feature allows healthcare practices to open their “virtual doors” for patients or clients to request sessions on their time.

What is the Virtual Clinic On-Demand?

For a patient with an urgent need, a smooth, easy to use system is critical to eliminate additional stress in an already tense situation.

Practices that offer On-Demand telehealth services, such as Urgent Care, Crisis Intervention, or others may utilize SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic to quickly and easily manage incoming session requests from patients that need help right away.

How Does It Work?

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    Quickly Connect with Staff
    A customized, branded booking page takes the patient through an easy-to-follow process which can get them connected with your staff within minutes, or as quickly as someone is able to assist.

    In the event of higher volumes, SecureVideo offers tools that assist with patient communication, so that they understand what to expect, and be assured that they are in a queue for assistance.
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    Gather Data & Expedite Intake
    Information can be gathered from the patient at the time of the session request, to expedite their intake process and triage incoming requests.

    For example, the practice may choose to ask the patient to enter their date of birth, insurance information, and a description of the issue at hand. Using our E-Documents feature, necessary paperwork may also be automatically assigned to the patient during the process.
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    Schedule Follow-Up Appointments Fast
    Scheduling tools simplify the process of managing appointments.

    Our reliable system lets patients and providers easily schedule and prepare for their sessions with automatic notifications. At the same time, our robust scheduling features allow for a seamless telehealth experience from start to finish.

Key Features of SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic On Demand

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