Telehealth Interpretation Services

Everyone, regardless of language or location, can receive quality care with SecureVideo Interpretation Services.

Remote Interpreting Services by SecureVideo & Voyce

SecureVideo and Voyce have joined forces to provide remote interpreting services to revolutionize telehealth access.

Our platform allows users to easily add a certified interpreter with just a few clicks, significantly improving the language barrier associated with telemedicine visits. All interpreters are certified for HIPAA compliance, allowing for safe, secure, and accurate communication. 

Why Voyce

SecureVideo’s partnership with Voyce has further reduced healthcare barriers and improved patient-provider satisfaction.

Voyce is uniquely positioned to bridge the communication gap between patients and providers through their secure video technology.

With this technology, clinicians can now provide equal care for all patients regardless of their language preferences.

Patients have increased access to healthcare. They can interact with their provider in a language of their choice with confidence that the message is accurately conveyed.

Offering Secure & Speedy Access to Certified Remote Interpreters

SecureVideo’s telehealth interpretation services work by connecting remote interpreters to patients quickly and securely. Our specialized virtual platform is designed to ensure secure communication between both parties while providing access to interpreters within minutes.

The feature requires only a few clicks for an interpreter to join a call, and the service is charged by the minute based on use. This service is available in both our Unlimited and Enterprise plans. Now, telehealth providers can get the assistance they need to bridge language barriers and deliver effective care.

Unlock Several Advantages of Our Telehealth Interpreter Services

Cost-effective pricing model

24/7 access to live certified interpreters

Available in over 240 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL)

All remote healthcare interpreters are certified, compliant, and highly qualified

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