SecureVideo for Health & Hospital Systems

Connect with your patients using a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud-based video platform designed for you.

Enhance Efficiency & Quality of Care

SecureVideo provides a powerful, secure, and cloud-based video platform that enables medical professionals to connect with their patients online from anywhere. Our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform is designed to help health and hospital systems streamline communication and enhance efficiency throughout their organization. 

With SecureVideo, healthcare providers can easily connect patients across distances through our customizable platform, enabling care from anywhere at any time. Our platform also allows multi-provider collaboration within the same session, allowing doctors, nurses and other personnel to join in on a single call without any hassle. Additionally, patients are able to choose between either desktop or mobile applications to access their sessions – whichever works best for their needs.

Our video conferencing solution offers many benefits that can facilitate better health outcomes by providing a seamless user experience that supports ongoing communication between patient and provider – no matter location or circumstance. We understand the significance of delivering timely care, which is why we’ve created a telehealth solution that delivers the utmost quality both consistently and securely.

Virtual Clinic for Health & Hospital Systems

Our Virtual Clinic feature allows multi-location healthcare systems or hospitals to establish telehealth connections between providers or specialists in different locations. By leveraging our Virtual Clinic feature, these organizations can provide access to goal-oriented care regardless of proximity or location. 

Whether physicians are located in the same department of a larger hospital system or separated by long distances, SecureVideo provides secure technology that helps them easily connect with each other to ensure continuity of care.

Real Life Use Case of SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic Feature

Our Virtual Clinic feature can be configured for multiple use cases. For example, a healthcare organization has a group of Psychiatrists that are physically located in the same emergency department, but are on call to assist with emergency psychiatric evaluations at satellite emergency clinics remotely. 

SecureVideo enables a device at the satellite location to be configured to request a session on-demand with the group of psychiatrists on call. From there, the first person to answer the session request can immediately join a session from their exact location with a dedicated device.

SecureVideo Streamlines Workflows with API Integration Capabilities

SecureVideo’s telehealth platform allows for API integration with your existing Practice Management System or EHR/EMR. Your development team can easily configure any or all of the following capabilities:

This integration allows for streamlined workflows, making telehealth a seamless element of your healthcare system’s service offerings.

Additionally, it allows for an easy transition to our solution for users, allowing your staff to focus less on administrative work and focus more on rendering quality patient care.

The Most User-friendly Video Conferencing Platform for Healthcare Organizations

Health and hospital systems appreciate the cost, ease/quickness of implementation, reliability, and user-friendliness of our video conferencing platform. SecureVideo is designed with its users in mind and offers a consistent and stable experience. 

Our multiple video engine capabilities (Zoom + One-Click) also make it especially appealing to healthcare systems that have multiple use cases for telehealth. With each video engine offering their own benefits and features, SecureVideo allows you to configure each user’s account to use one or the other by default, or allow “hybrid” use (allowing them to select the best option for each session). Learn more about this innovative feature here. 

Through our advanced technology and security measures, SecureVideo provides health and hospital systems with a reliable option for telemedicine services that does not sacrifice quality or patient privacy in the process. With an intuitive interface, medical staff can begin using our tools  without having to invest too much time in learning how to navigate our platform.

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