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SecureVideo is a cloud-based telehealth platform that's secure, reliable and flexible for your use case. Designed to deliver the best possible telehealth experience, our HIPAA-compliant, low cost, easy-to-use solution is backed by friendly, patient customer support who take the time to ensure your success.

We believe telehealth should be RELIABLE

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Meet the Leadership Team

People make the difference. We’re a US-based business, dedicated to making your business be the best it can be.

Madison Mauze



Leading superheros

Michelle Dong



A walking CRM and part-time octopus

Kate Brandis

Account Manager


Can make a dentist appointment fun

Lisa Chen

Quality Assurance


Can find a needle in a haystack that contains no needles

Alexandro Sahagun

Senior Full Stack Developer


Turns caffeine into code

Sumit Celly

Director of Software Development


Creating food (and software) recipes

Andrew Mays

Business Development Manager


Knocking out leads like an MMA fighter

Gina D'Arienzo

Customer Success


Can make you smile while beating you at any game

LeAndra Dong

Customer Success


Finding fishbones (and customer resolutions)

Industry Expertise + Innovative Technology = Our Story

In 2012, Dr. Tom Farris and veteran healthcare technologist J.T. Taylor came together over an unshakeable belief that telehealth could help millions receive better care and improve patient and provider outcomes. Together, their vision was to build an intuitive and responsive telehealth platform with the best quality video and staff it with real people who are all passionate about helping providers and patients unleash the power of telehealth.

In 2021, SecureVideo was acquired by Dura Software, a U.S.-based company located in San Antonio, Texas. Dura is a company focused on the acquisition of mission-critical software products and the continued operations of those products for the long-term. Dura has demonstrated our shared passion for our customers, our product, and our industry.

Fast forward to today—the team and product have grown—but the vision is unchanged. We’re good at what we do because we’ve been doing it from the start. We will stop at nothing to ensure that our customers and their patients have the absolute best telehealth system, configured perfectly for their needs, supported by a team of competent and caring professionals.

Welcome to SecureVideo. We’re glad you’re here.