SecureVideo for Medical Practices

Our video conferencing solutions provide a better patient-provider experience by helping to improve virtual communication, collaboration, and care.

HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing for Medical Practices

SecureVideo enables exceptional care quality through a variety of features designed to simplify and improve the overall telehealth experience. 

Allowing for streamlined workflows involving patient documentation exchange, secure file transfer, payment processing and more, our tools are designed with ease of use and workflow enhancement in mind. SecureVideo never falters in its ability to deliver an optimal telehealth experience.

With our platform, healthcare providers can conduct virtual patient appointments with confidence using features designed to make their telehealth sessions as seamless as possible. As a leading provider of comprehensive telehealth solutions, our full suite of telehealth features includes these features and more.

SecureVideo’s Telehealth Platform Offers a User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface

Medical practices can benefit from our ease of use, with little to no need for technical know-how.

Our intuitive user interface enables healthcare providers to easily set up and conduct virtual appointments without any IT expertise or special training requirements – making it ideal for both large medical practices as well as small clinics. Ultimately our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to deliver exceptional patient care in a safe and secure virtual environment.

Offering Easy Scheduling, Reliable Technical Support, & Minimal Disruptions

SecureVideo makes telehealth easy for patients by offering a seamless experience from appointment scheduling to virtual consultation. Our platform provides easy scheduling, notifications and alerts for appointment reminders while ensuring that patients never miss a session.

Our telehealth platform delivers exceptional quality virtual care experiences with minimal disruptions. Our 24/7 technical support ensures that patients can access sessions without any issues, making telehealth a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional medical practices.

Configure Our Telehealth Platform for Your Use Case

Every medical practice has unique needs for their telehealth services. That’s why we offer a platform that allows providers to easily configure their SecureVideo account to best fit their specific use case – whether it is simple or complex.

Whether you want to connect with other providers, collaborate remotely or include triaging in your initial telehealth session, we have the tools and resources to make it happen.

With SecureVideo, you can rely on us for a flexible platform and world-class expertise to help further optimize your virtual care offering.

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