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SecureVideo Announces New Failover Switch Feature for a More Resilient Platform & User Experience

Our team at SecureVideo has recently launched a new failover switch feature that offers an alternative option for video service …

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HIMSS Webinar Recap: Revolutionizing Patient Care Through Hospital at Home

In the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare, the concept of hospital-level care administered in the comfort of a patient’s home …

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SecureVideo’s Recent Release Notes: Greater Resilience & Improved Usability

The SecureVideo team is proud to announce the latest updates to our telehealth platform, which were released at the end …

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9 Ways to Leverage Telehealth Group Sessions

One particularly promising development in the digital healthcare landscape is the rise of telehealth group sessions. This feature offers a …

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SecureVideo Earns a Spot on Capterra’s Shortlist for Best Telemedicine Software

SecureVideo recently announced its designation as a critical player in telehealth with a remarkable accomplishment: a much-coveted position on Capterra’s …

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Navigating Telehealth Group Sessions with SecureVideo

In person group therapy sessions have long stood as a cornerstone in the process of mental health recovery and personal …

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