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How Secure Telehealth Elevates Your Organization

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased use of telehealth among healthcare professionals from 15.4% in 2019 to 86.5% …

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Understanding the Unique Aspects of Enterprise Telehealth Compared to Basic Telehealth Services

The evolution of telehealth has underlined the significance of advanced healthcare technology in our lives. Besides convenience, telehealth solutions are …

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7 Benefits of Virtual Waiting Rooms for the New Era of Healthcare

The traditional waiting room, once ubiquitous in the healthcare industry, is undergoing a quiet revolution. As patients and providers alike …

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3 Big Reasons Why Your EHR Needs a Telehealth Platform Like SecureVideo

EHR systems are continuously evolving to meet new standards in healthcare. When it comes to telehealth, your existing system could …

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Integrating Telehealth into Your EHR System

Telehealth has become an integral facet of the healthcare industry, offering unparalleled convenience and access to care. However, maximizing its …

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Why EHR Systems Need an Integrated Telehealth Partner

Initially designed to replace paper records, EHR systems now serve as comprehensive platforms that manage a wide array of patient …

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