E-Documents for HIPAA Compliant Telehealth

Transform Your Telehealth Services with E-Documents

SecureVideo's E-Documents are an integral piece of our product suite and allow for more efficient patient data collection while remaining entirely secure. This provides a more streamlined experience for both patients and doctors, making SecureVideo even more valuable to providers as a comprehensive Telehealth platform.

Save Time While Digitizing Your Documents Today

Did you know that SecureVideo can help your practice digitize its documents? 

We offer up to 60 minutes of free professional services (per licensed user) to provide direct assistance in form building. Common documents or forms we help to digitize are shown below.

Consent Form

New Patient Information

Assessment Form

Post Visit Surveys

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Explore the Advantages of
E-Documents with SecureVideo

Telehealth takes on a whole new meaning with the tremendous advantages that E-Documents afford providers. From streamlined workflows to secure patient data storage, telehealth providers can save time getting their patient started while never compromising on quality or security.

Streamlined Patient Data Collection

E-Documents help to streamline workflows by allowing all patient information to be collected before or after a session. This eliminates the need to send paperwork through a separate process, which saves time for the provider and their staff. Additionally, E-Documents reduce the chances of missing paperwork on behalf of the patient or provider.

Versatile Forms

E-Documents are not just limited to new patient paperwork, but can also be templated to include all the same questions as a healthcare practice’s physical forms. This can include text boxes, drop-downs, radio buttons, check boxes and date fields. This makes them versatile and efficient for both new and returning patients.

E-Sign Documents

Legally binding documents, such as a telehealth consent form, can be completed quickly and easily using e-signatures. When an E-Document is signed, the session invitation indicates to the patient that their paperwork needs to be filled out, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient process for both patient and provider.

Secure Storage of Sensitive Patient Data

SecureVideo has a HIPAA compliant storage system for private health information, and our system meets all the requirements for security and privacy. Patient data is stored in a safe and secure environment, where it can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

(Advanced Configuration) API Integration

SecureVideo ensures that data is effectively communicated across systems. Our API integration allows for detailed forms to be completed and stored in the EHR as a PDF with an auditable digital signature, or to map individual e-document fields to specific fields in your EHR. This provides an efficient way for telehealth practices to communicate with their patients and store the data collected all in one place.

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Benefits with E-Documents

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