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Our affordable end-to-end telehealth solution supports small healthcare practices to large organizations.

The Right Features for the Best Care

Our white-glove customer support is available 24/7/365, while our HIPAA compliant platform ensures your privacy is always protected.

Complete with scheduling capabilities, hybrid video engine options, account customization capabilities, system integration, and stability, providers rely on SecureVideo to provide the best telehealth experience possible. Browse the benefits of each feature on the SecureVideo platform below and click to learn more.

Account Customization

SecureVideo allows you to configure our product to your needs while keeping our platform aligned with your brand.

Add your business or practice logo into your dashboard, virtual waiting room, invitations, reminders, and e-documents for consistent branding.

Customize your account's subdomain so that your session URL will be consistent with your website.

Choose a custom support phone number or email address, if you prefer to keep your telehealth support in-house.

Customize specific language or policies for all invitations or reminders that are sent to participants.

Advanced Session Tools

SecureVideo’s Advanced Session tools provide users with a customizable experience that meets the specific needs of their practice.

Configure your account to use any or all of our features depending on your needs.

Use the virtual Clinic feature to allow patients to conveniently send session requests either on demand or by scheduled appointment, based on provider availability.

E-Documents feature allows you to automate your paperwork as part of the telehealth process.

Clinical chat feature allows for asynchronous care, transactional messages, and secure file transfer.

Clinical Chat

SecureVideo’s clinical chat feature offers a confidential and secure method of communication between patients and providers before, during, and after sessions.

Enables the secure exchange of messages between patients and providers.

Notifications for both patient and provider are sent when a message is sent, ensuring no message goes unread.

Chat messages are accessible for up to 24 hours after a session ends.

Includes file transfer functionality, so important documents such as lab results or completed forms can be securely sent to the participant.

Customer Care

SecureVideo is a team of technology and business professionals; our customers are healthcare providers, representing all sizes of organizations from solo practitioners to large healthcare systems.

Save time and frustration by having our team of experts help you get up and running quickly.

Spend more time with patients and clients, and less time on technology issues.

Get confident support from a team that knows the product inside and out.

Let us take care of the troubleshooting so you can focus on what you're good at - providing quality healthcare.


E-Documents are a secure way to manage paperwork across the telehealth platform and streamline the process for patients and providers.

Offers templates to include your healthcare practice’s physical forms.

Includes e-signature capabilities for legally binding documents such as consent forms.

Reduces security risks associated with form transmission and data is securely stored in a safe environment that prevents access from unauthorized parties.

API integration provides more advanced technical needs, such as an EHR integration, by automatically updating individual fields with data submitted from E-Documents.

Group Sessions

SecureVideo’s platform accommodates group therapy, allowing patients to experience unique benefits such as reduced isolation, improved communication, and social support.

Sessions conducted through Zoom video conferencing can include up to 300 participants, as opposed to other platforms that only accommodate a few at a time.

For groups that meet regularly, a “Contact Group” can be created so providers can easily add participants to sessions all at once.

Easy set up allows participants to receive their own invitations, unique links to join, and automatic reminders of sessions.

Weekly sessions generate automatically, with participants receiving a new session invitation and reminder for each upcoming appointment.

HIPAA & Security

SecureVideo’s platform accommodates group therapy, allowing patients to experience unique benefits such as reduced isolation, improved communication, and social support.

With account setup, SecureVideo provides a Business Associate Agreement to ensure legal compliance and instill confidence that patient information is protected.

Patient health information is encrypted at rest and in transit.

PHI is stored in a hardened secure cloud to protect against data breaches.

Role-based access allows users to assign unique access roles according to employee position.

Hybrid Video Engines

Having multiple video engines allows you to utilize the one that best suits your needs for each individual virtual encounter.

Select from Zoom or One Click video engines.

Enable patients to determine the best video engine for their session.

Provides redundancy for unexpected technology issues.

Allows users to change the video engine during sessions, reducing the potential for missed or unfinished sessions.

Telehealth Interpretation Services

SecureVideo has partnered with Voyce to bring comprehensive language interpretation services to telehealth patients & providers.

Highly cost-effective solution for providers serving various populations.

Patients & providers can access live, certified interpreters at any time.

Like the SecureVideo platform, our interpretation services are entirely HIPAA compliant.

Our interpretation services are available for 240+ languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

Masked Calling

Masked Calling keeps your personal number private when you need to get in touch with a patient.

Lets providers keep their personal phone number(s) private, even while calling through mobile devices.

Providers can make outbound calls through their SecureVideo dashboard from anywhere, using their computer or mobile device.

Support staff may use the masked calling feature to place calls to patients on behalf of the provider.

Detailed reporting displays all inbound and outbound calls placed and the call durations.

Scheduling & Notifications

SecureVideo’s Scheduling and Notifications feature makes it easy to book appointments and reduces the likelihood of no-shows.

SecureVideo enables notifications to be sent via email or text message.

Provides a unique link to the patient to join a session each time.

Automated scheduling is easy for both patient and provider.

Can be customized to your preference, such as indicating when a first and second appointment reminder should be sent.

System Integration

SecureVideo’s System Integration feature allows video conferencing to integrate with one or more organizational applications, like an EHR or practice management system.

Reduces administrative burden by eliminating multiple logins, dual scheduling, and manual e-document management.

Provides greater accuracy in manual data entry for items such as participant names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Allows for a more seamless and efficient workflow for healthcare professionals and patients.

Improves communication by allowing multiple systems to share information.

Virtual Clinic On Demand

SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic On-Demand feature allows healthcare practices to open their “virtual doors” for patients or clients to request sessions on their time.

Patients are guided through a process that connects them with assistance as soon as possible.

While waiting for their session request to be confirmed, patients can see how many requests are ahead of them

Customized questions can be added to the session request process so that the provider or staff can view the responses before accepting the session.

Intake documents can be assigned to the patient while they’re waiting for their session to begin; they may complete and sign needed forms online.

Virtual Waiting Room

SecureVideo’s Virtual Waiting Room welcomes participants and provides an easy process for them to complete paperwork and submit payments before or after their sessions.

Enables practices to include custom links to share with participants such as website links, videos, or literature.

Allows participants to access, submit, and sign their E-Documents.

If Zoom is the video engine of choice, SecureVideo provides easy-to-follow instructions for downloading and installing the video conferencing platform.

If One Click is the selected video engine, the platform provides a phone number, email address, and chat widget for participants to contact SecureVideo’s support team.

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