Hybrid Video Engines for Telehealth Appointments

Experience seamless telehealth with SecureVideo’s hybrid video engine solution, featuring Zoom and One-Click.

Multiple Video Engines Ensure Your Success with Telehealth

SecureVideo’s hybrid video engine solution offers unparalleled reliability and adaptability in delivering seamless virtual encounters.

By integrating multiple video engines, providers can optimize their patient’s experience by choosing the engine that aligns with their specific needs.

This multi-engine approach provides redundancy or an alternative option in the event of technical difficulties. If a patient struggles with connecting through one engine, our hybrid system allows for a swift transition to another, preventing appointment cancellations due to technical issues.

SecureVideo’s hybrid video engine solution offers enhanced connectivity, flexibility, and overall user satisfaction during telehealth sessions with these benefits.

Choose What Powers Your Telehealth Session

How do our hybrid video engines work, and how can you best leverage them when conducting your sessions?

SecureVideo allows you to choose between two video engines for your telehealth sessions. These engines offer specific advantages, features, and capabilities, enabling optimized video connections for diverse healthcare encounters. Selecting the ideal engine based on your session needs ensures a high-quality telehealth experience every time.

zoom for telehealth

Zoom’s robust video engine enables SecureVideo to provide highquality telehealth sessions, ensuring high-definition video calls and advanced features for optimal virtual healthcare experiences.

one-click for telehealth

SecureVideo’s One-Click Video Engine offers user-friendly browser-based telehealth access without downloads or installations. Ideal for patients with varying technology skills, this engine enables simple and continuous access to virtual care.

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