Telehealth in Schools and Universities: Use Cases & Benefits for Higher Education

Telehealth, the practice of using technology to provide remote healthcare services, is rapidly growing in popularity due to its ability to provide patients with an alternative to in-person care. Schools, specifically colleges and universities, have started to take advantage of the flexibility and accessibility that telehealth offers. This blog will discuss the various use cases and benefits telehealth can provide to higher education institutions.

Why Should Universities Use Telehealth?

Telehealth can change how healthcare is delivered on campus. Universities should use telehealth for several reasons, including accessibility, flexibility, and the ability to serve more students. 

Telehealth in schools can be especially crucial during a pandemic such as COVID-19, as it allows students to receive care without leaving their residence halls, ensuring the continuity of care is maintained. Another advantage is that providers can serve more students, including remote or off-campus students.

Use Cases and Benefits of Telehealth in Schools

Telehealth provides several use cases for higher education institutions, including conducting virtual educational sessions, clinical trials, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Schools may also use telehealth to conduct health-related, virtual educational sessions for both students and staff. Moreover, telehealth allows universities to serve students remotely or on campus, which is especially useful for students with mobility limitations or those living in rural areas.

Colleges of Medicine use telemedicine for clinical trials, specifically for data collection. For example, researchers might focus on an airborne virus or a chronic disease affecting a certain patient group. Telehealth allows researchers to conduct medical trials without needing patients to visit an office, making it an ideal option.

Additional benefits of telehealth in schools include: 

  • Immediate and on-demand sessions.
  • Real-time consultations without leaving campus.
  • Time-savings.
  •  Improved healthcare access.

SecureVideo’s Telehealth Features for Universities

SecureVideo provides several features that universities can use, such as on-demand scheduling. With on-demand scheduling, students can use telehealth from any location at any time, and the software may be used on an iPad or any device. Schools can also designate a specific area where students may privately request sessions. Additionally, SecureVideo offers live interpretation services. If there is a language barrier, such as sign language, providers can bring in a live interpreter with just one click to translate the session.

Contact SecureVideo for Robust Telehealth Solutions in Higher Education

Universities can reap the rewards of telehealth through its flexibility and accessibility. Telehealth can be helpful in various use cases, such as clinical trials, virtual educational sessions, and RPM. SecureVideo, with its on-demand scheduling and live interpretation services, is a perfect solution for universities looking to provide telehealth services to their students. Take advantage of the numerous benefits that telehealth can bring to your university. Contact SecureVideo today to get started.