Expanding Telehealth Services to Reach More Communities with SecureVideo

It goes without saying that Telehealth services can reach more communities than traditional healthcare. As a matter of fact, Telehealth is a great option for expanding access to healthcare for those who live in more rural areas, or who face other barriers to receiving treatment. Different types of Telehealth care providers can offer to expand their services including physical, behavioral, and psychological healthcare. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of expanding your reach with different Telehealth services, and why normalizing these types of virtual healthcare can improve the health of communities going forward.

Different Types of Telehealth Care

There are many different types of Telehealth care services available, each with their own unique benefits. Depending on the needs of your community, healthcare practices can offer physical, behavioral and psychological Telehealth services. By offering a variety of Telehealth services, practices are providing vital care options that certain groups in the population wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. 

Groups that are marginalized, disadvantaged, or who face barriers to their care in some way, such as a lack of transportation or a physical ailment that prevents them from traveling often, benefit from Telehealth services. Further, the privacy that comes with Telehealth makes seeking certain forms of healthcare a lot less intimidating for many. Whatever a patient’s needs may be, providers should have a wide range of virtual services available to help make Telehealth a more viable and accessible option for everyone. 

Reaching New Populations With New Telehealth Service Offerings

According to a report published by Trilliant Health, of the nearly 26% of Americans who sought Telehealth care, a vast majority were women seeking behavioral healthcare. Many of these patients were in need of behavioral health services relating to anxiety or stress. This underscores the importance of Behavioral Telehealth therapy, and why providers should be seeking to expand their services in regard to this type of care.

Providers can benefit from offering highly beneficial services like group therapy, one-on-one therapy sessions, and clinical chat features that enhance the Behavioral Telehealth experience. Diversifying service offerings in turn will expand the reach of healthcare practices, while also providing a more comprehensive care solution to underserved patients. HIPAA compliant Telehealth software is critical for provider success in this arena, and this is where SecureVideo comes into play.

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth for Group Therapy Sessions

SecureVideo is the preferred Telehealth platform for healthcare providers because it offers a variety of features to accommodate different types of care, while also providing patients with a user-friendly platform. Using common videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, participants can enjoy a seamless Telehealth experience, even with services like group therapy. 

SecureVideo can accommodate group therapy sessions for up to 300 participants with Zoom as one of its two integrated video engines.  Zoom’s capability to provide a smooth audio and video experience among many participants with mixed internet speeds and bandwidth makes it possible to hold productive sessions virtually. Each participant may be added individually, or a contact group may be created to easily add a group of participants all at once. Each participant in the group receives their own session invitation, with a unique access link to join. This way, the host will have records of each individual participant that attended the session. 

Further, the process to schedule group sessions in SecureVideo is very easy, and includes options to set recurrence as well as schedule the next session with the same group of participants in just a few clicks. Session invitations are automatically sent, along with a series of two reminders, all of which include the participant’s unique link to join. The process is designed to automate communication with participants and reduce no-shows, which is beneficial to all participants involved. As a HIPAA compliant Telehealth solution, SecureVideo stands out among the rest as the best platform for group therapy sessions.

Why SecureVideo?

By expanding their service offerings with SecureVideo, providers are not only reaching more people than ever before but they’re also providing a variety of care that meets the needs of each individual. Whether it is through group therapy, live chat, or one-on-sessions, providers and patients alike can feel confident using SecureVideo’s HIPAA compliant platform. Telehealth is becoming more normalized and reaching new people each and every day, and SecureVideo wants to help your practice get on board.

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