4 Virtual Clinic Features for a Smooth Telehealth Experience

Telehealth can be overwhelming to navigate, but by leveraging the right features, it becomes a seamless experience. Such digital tools are purpose-built to enhance communication, streamline patient data intake, and simplify telehealth scheduling for both medical staff and patients. 

Today, we will explore four essential features of SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic that empower a smooth telehealth journey. From initiating digital telehealth sessions to utilizing electronic patient intake forms, we’ll delve into how these innovations are transforming the telehealth experience. 

1. Session Requests: A Simplified Scheduling Process

Scheduling a visit with a healthcare professional can be a challenge. The long wait times on the phone occur as a result of lower staffing levels, which can exacerbate the patients’ concerns. With Virtual Clinic (Appointment-Based), also referred to as “Patient-Facing Scheduling”, the patient experience is improved as they have a user-friendly and streamlined way to request telehealth appointments. 

With an easy-to-use-interface, patients are guided through the process and are easily connected with assistance if needed. This streamlined approach can significantly improve the process of requesting an appointment, and make it easier for a practice to automate scheduling, leading to a more positive telehealth experience for all.

2. Telehealth Communication Tools: Enhanced Communication for Better Outcomes

Communication is vital in the healthcare industry. Patients should feel comfortable engaging with their healthcare providers and be updated on their upcoming appointments, which can be easily accomplished through telehealth communication tools. 

SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic (On-Demand, meaning that the patient is requesting to be seen right away) enables patients to see how many session requests are ahead of theirs, essentially placing them in a virtual queue. They can see their session confirmation in real-time and use the secure chat function to communicate with clinical staff on any questions related to the platform or the session itself. 

3. Custom Patient Intake Tool: Simplified Intake Process

Different clinics have different needs when it comes to patient check-in. For this reason, SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic offers a customizable virtual intake form, which makes for a simplified intake experience. Clinical staff can review responses before accepting session requests and assigning them accordingly, streamlining the process. 

Additionally, through customizable questions pertaining to insurance information, date of birth, reason for visit, etc., patients can provide necessary information quickly and efficiently. This enhanced intake process not only saves time but also ensures accurate and up-to-date patient data for better care coordination.

4. E-Documents: Streamlined Document Management

Paperwork associated with in-person visits can be time-consuming to fill out. Moreover, paper documents can pose security risks – they can become misplaced or be exposed to unauthorized views. 

Using the Virtual Clinic’s telehealth E-Documents tool, patient documents are securely managed and assigning them can be conveniently automated for each session. Patients can complete their information, sign forms, and be ready to start the session in no time, saving significant time and stress for the patients.

Contact SecureVideo to Set Up Your Virtual Clinic

Undoubtedly, virtual clinics have become an essential part of the healthcare industry. SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic offers features that streamline the appointment scheduling process, improve communication with staff, simplify electronic patient intake forms, and streamline document management, ensuring that every session runs efficiently and effectively. 

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, reliable virtual clinic to help streamline your telehealth services and enhance patient engagement, be sure to contact SecureVideo today!