Breaking Barriers: Telehealth Language Interpretation

To break down barriers between healthcare providers and patients, SecureVideo offers a game-changing remote interpreting program. Language interpretation for telehealth services provides much-needed language help for telehealth participants and providers, allowing them to bridge any dialogue gap due to the limited expertise in foreign languages or the need for American Sign Language interpretation.

Now, no matter what language is spoken, Healthcare Providers can ensure that all their patient’s needs are understood and met. This post will discuss the growing demand for telehealth language interpretation and how SecureVideo works to ensure all patients receive the highest quality of care through this mode of communication.

Language Interpretation in Healthcare & Telehealth Settings 

Language barriers remain a significant challenge for underserved populations seeking medical care, particularly those limited in English. Telehealth interpreting services can help bridge this gap and provide more equitable access to healthcare.

Unfortunately, non-English speaking patients may not utilize telehealth due to a lack of language options or interpreter availability or simply because they must be made aware of their rights to have a qualified interpreter present. Fortunately, telehealth interpretation is gaining popularity as more healthcare providers recognize the need and value of language interpretation services.

Remote interpretation can improve healthcare outcomes by ensuring accurate medical histories and clear communication between providers and patients. As such, investing in a telehealth solution offering comprehensive language interpretation is an intelligent move for providers and patients.

Remote Video Interpretation for Telehealth & ASL

ASL interpreters are needed to bridge the communication gap between healthcare providers and hearing impaired patients. Video remote interpreting is crucial for providing quality healthcare to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. According to the National Association of the Deaf, telehealth video communications must meet accessibility requirements for remote interpretation. These accessibility requirements include the following:

  1. Real-time, full motion video & audio with high speed and good quality video connection that doesn’t cause lags or pauses in communication.
  2. Sharp enough image quality so the interpreter’s face, arms, hands, & fingers can be seen regardless of body position.
  3. Clear and transmissible audio.
  4. Adequate training of users for the technology for quick & efficient setup of the video remote interpretation connection.

SecureVideo & Voyce Offer Unparalleled Telehealth Interpretation Services 

SecureVideo provides exceptional telehealth interpretation services to healthcare providers and patients. Our innovative video remote interpreting service offers 240+ languages and dialects for patients and providers to communicate efficiently. Patients can connect with a certified and qualified interpreter with just a few clicks to ensure successful appointments.

This offering is designed to break down language barriers, enable accessibility, and deliver quality care for all patients using our telehealth platform. Our platform’s reliable features include stable and reliable audio, high-definition video, and user-friendliness to maximize the full potential of telehealth sessions and remain aligned with accessibility requirements. Plus, SecureVideo only charges by the minute so that you can only pay for the time you need, making it a cost-effective solution for language help in telehealth.

Strong Partnership for Quality Telehealth Language Interpretation

SecureVideo is committed to helping providers bridge communication gaps between patients and their healthcare teams, regardless of spoken language. We strive to make remote healthcare accessible and effective for patients with limited English proficiency, deaf or hard of hearing, and other underserved populations. Our video remote interpreting solutions create a new world of quality care where everyone can access the healthcare services they need and deserve.

If you’re searching for an effective telehealth solution that serves your language needs and complies with the latest accessibility requirements, contact SecureVideo today!