Enhance Patient Telehealth Experience with Professional Branding

When it comes to telehealth, branding is key. A professional and polished brand helps legitimize your telehealth practice. It can make all the difference in convincing potential patients that you are a credible source of care. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of branding and how SecureVideo’s account customization features can help build your telehealth brand.

Why Does Your Telehealth Practice Need Branding Consistency?

Proper branding is essential for any business, especially in the telehealth space. By having a strong, recognizable brand, your patient base can quickly identify your practice and associate it with positive feelings. It also helps build patient trust and legitimize your practice as one of the top telehealth providers. Moreover, consistent branding reflects on all visual elements, such as logos, color palettes, and fonts, and even contains narrative elements, such as tone of voice or point of view. 

Consistent telehealth branding shows that you understand patients’ needs and are committed to delivering the best virtual care possible. It will also ensure that your branding is aligned with your customer personas and buyer archetype so they can quickly connect and recognize you among competitors in the market. Finally, providing customers with a consistent brand experience helps to strengthen their loyalty to your practice while making it more recognizable.

SecureVideo’s Account Customization Telehealth Features

SecureVideo offers several features designed to help you customize your account to reflect and enhance your telehealth practice’s brand and presence. Here are the Account Customization features that our HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform contains:

Logo and Customizable Colors

The top telehealth providers have a consistent branding theme to their platform, which is reflected both in the provider and patient experience. SecureVideo allows you to insert your logo and adjust your color palate, which will appear throughout the platform. Your patients or clients will see your logo and brand colors in their emailed invitations and reminders, and on their Virtual Waiting Room page.

Custom Subdomain

SecureVideo allows you to choose a custom subdomain, for improved credibility and consistency with your own website. For example, if your website URL is “BestHealthcarePractice.com”, you may update your SecureVideo URL to “BestHealthcarePractice.securevideo.com” to align your brand in yet another way. Your users will log in on your custom subdomain URL, which will also display your logo and color palate. Additionally, patients’ links to their session will include your custom subdomain as well. 

Clinician Listings

Each provider in your SecureVideo account has the opportunity to create a Clinician Listing, which allows them to upload a professional photo and provide details about their licensing, specialties, and practice. These listings can be viewed by patients searching for a provider, and are also used in the Virtual Clinic (public booking URL which allows patients to request telehealth sessions) when selecting a provider with whom to schedule. Taking the time to set up a detailed listing can further enhance your practice’s brand by allowing patients to get to know its providers. 

SecureVideo Helps to Build Your Telehealth Brand

Healthcare branding must ensure your practice stands out in an increasingly competitive telehealth landscape. A consistent branding message can help build trust with your patients and further solidify your presence in the ever-expanding healthcare market. SecureVideo’s account customization features make it easy for providers to create a personalized and professional look that patients can identify quickly.

SecureVideo delivers the tools needed to create a professional, personalized platform that reflects your unique vision while offering patients a consistent and positive telehealth experience. Contact us today to learn how SecureVideo’s account customization features can help take your telehealth practice’s branding to the next level. ​​​​