The Advanced Tools in a Telehealth Platform

If you’re a doctor or therapist looking for new and innovative ways to provide care for your patients, it is imperative that you look at telehealth platforms. These platforms offer a wide range of advanced tools that can help you provide the best possible care for your patients. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most advanced tools found in telehealth platforms.

Telemedicine platforms offer advanced tools for healthcare providers to deliver telemedicine services to their patients. A telehealth platform is a web-based HIPAA compliant software solution that allows the healthcare provider and patients to interact through a secure connection over the internet. It includes features such as videoconferencing, audio calls, and instant messaging (IM), which enable real-time communication between a doctor and patient from anywhere in the world. This means there’s no need for an appointment or crowded in-person waiting room visits; instead, telemedicine provides healthcare at your convenience!

Electronic Documents

An important element of a successful telehealth encounter is the ability to complete the necessary paperwork online. Whether it’s a telehealth consent form, questionnaire, new patient information or an insurance update, having the ability to easily assign the correct document(s) to patients when scheduling their telehealth session is vital to the workflow. E-documents can even capture a patient’s digital signature, and a provider’s countersignature if needed! After completion, the secure storage of documents gives providers peace of mind, knowing that their patients’ information is protected.

Online Scheduling

Telemedicine software offers online scheduling, which allows doctors to set up their appointments with patients or provides patients the flexibility to schedule an appointment. With this feature, telemedicine visits can be scheduled using mobile apps like Google Calendar or Apple iCalendar and send automatic reminders about upcoming telehealth appointments. Telehealth platforms allow physicians to see all of their patient’s contact information at once without needing any additional software programs like Outlook or Microsoft Word – it just needs an internet connection so there aren’t any extra steps involved!

Virtual Waiting Room

One of the most advanced tools found in telehealth platforms is the virtual waiting room. This feature directs patients to arrive at a dedicated landing page where they manage their RSVP status, complete any pending paperwork, view a chat message from their provider (or initiate one themselves), or make a payment prior to their session. This works in conjunction with their provider’s dashboard, where they can see the status of their paperwork in real time, and even be notified when the patient has entered the session. This makes it easy for doctors to keep track of their patients and ensure they’re all taken care of!

Secure Messaging

Another great tool found in telehealth platforms is secure messaging. This tool allows the healthcare organization and patients to communicate securely through a private message system. This means that any personal health information shared between a doctor and patient will be protected from hackers or other third-party threats and add ease to the patient experience. In addition, secure messaging can help reduce administrative costs since there’s no need for paper files and faxing between providers! This can save time on both sides of telemedicine visits.

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There’s a lot more to the advanced tools of a telemedicine platform than what we’ve covered here, but these will get you started on your journey into telehealth technology! If you’d like to learn more about telemedicine or find out if it might be right for your practice, please fill out an online form.