3 Big Reasons Why Your EHR Needs a Telehealth Platform Like SecureVideo

EHR systems are continuously evolving to meet new standards in healthcare. When it comes to telehealth, your existing system could be lagging in critical telehealth features that have the potential to improve your practice and patient outcomes.

You might be wondering if there’s a stand-alone telehealth platform that can integrate with your existing EHR and provide the necessary telehealth capabilities. The good news is that systems like SecureVideo exist, providing smooth integration capabilities and a host of features to enhance your EHR’s offerings.

Here are three big reasons why you should consider partnering with a telehealth platform like SecureVideo:

1. API Integration

SecureVideo’s API is designed for organizations seeking to integrate videoconferencing into their existing applications quickly and cost-effectively. This is particularly useful for healthcare providers looking to create a seamless telehealth experience for their patients. The API is built on REST principles and uses HTTP, making it easy to implement.

Account Customization

Furthermore, with SecureVideo, you can brand the telehealth experience to match your practice. Users can log into your web application, schedule sessions, and be directed to a branded SecureVideo dashboard, all while staying logged in.

Configurable Tools

Additionally, SecureVideo offers configurable tools that can be integrated with your EHR or practice management system with minimal development, such as E-Documents and Cloud Recording. This provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility they need to enhance their telehealth services efficiently. 

2. White Labeled Telehealth Solution

A consistent and professional appearance is vital in maintaining trust and credibility in healthcare services. SecureVideo allows you to incorporate your logo and brand colors into your virtual waiting room, invitations, and E-Documents.

Moreover, our platform matches your account subdomain to your website, allowing you to achieve a cohesive look that reinforces your brand identity.  You also have the option to provide a designated support phone number or email address to keep telehealth support within your organization, ensuring patients receive personalized assistance.

This white-labeled solution ensures that all communications are courteous, professional, and aligned with your practice’s branding. From the initial patient contact to every touchpoint during their telehealth journey, SecureVideo helps maintain a high level of consistency and professionalism through our white-labeled telehealth solution.

3. Various Features that Suit a Wide Range of Use Cases

SecureVideo’s stand-alone platform offers a variety of features tailored to meet diverse healthcare needs:

  • Group Sessions: Accommodate up to 300 participants for group therapy sessions.
  • Interpretation Services: Provide remote interpreting services, including ASL, to make telehealth accessible to non-English speakers.
  • Masked Calling: Providers can make outbound phone calls through the telehealth platform while masking the source of the call for privacy.
  • Hybrid Video Engines: Ensure uninterrupted sessions by switching between Zoom or One-Click video engines when needed.

SecureVideo Enhances Care Coordination with Advanced Telehealth Features

SecureVideo enhances care coordination and delivery through its advanced telehealth features. By integrating seamlessly with EHR systems, it allows healthcare providers to deliver coordinated, efficient, and high-quality care. Our platform’s robust capabilities ensure that patient information is easily accessible, leading to better-informed decisions and improved patient outcomes.

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