Navigating Telehealth Group Sessions with SecureVideo

In person group therapy sessions have long stood as a cornerstone in the process of mental health recovery and personal development. They provide a unique, supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences, learn from others, and develop effective coping strategies. 

In recent years, however, these sessions have evolved into a new format: telehealth group sessions. These virtual meetings offer the same benefits of traditional group therapy but with the added advantages of convenience, accessibility, and providing a secure place for patients to interact.

SecureVideo offers a group therapy telehealth platform that not only facilitates one-on-one sessions but also caters to the needs of telehealth group sessions with its robust features and user-friendly interface. Read our blog to dive into how our group sessions component works and the benefits it provides. 

Capacity for Telehealth Group Therapy

One of the standout features of SecureVideo is its ability to accommodate telehealth group sessions of varying sizes. With the capacity to include up to 300 participants in a single session, the platform proves to be a versatile solution for group therapy, support groups, and other collaborative healthcare efforts. The behavioral health providers we work with may utilize the maximum capacity of 300, while others love it for mid-sized groups ranging from 10-25 participants.

Efficient Group Invitations

SecureVideo simplifies the process of organizing telehealth group therapy sessions by allowing hosts to create contact groups. This group session feature enables hosts to add multiple participants to a session simultaneously, streamlining the administrative tasks associated with coordinating group telehealth meetings. This efficient workflow ensures that sessions can be organized quickly, saving both time and effort for healthcare providers. 

Automated Invitations with Unique Links

To best support the needed workflow for telehealth group therapy sessions, SecureVideo automatically generates unique links for each participant in that session. These links are automatically included in our telehealth invitations and reminders, making it easy for participants to join the session, as they simply click their invitation link to arrive in the virtual waiting room. This automated process reduces technical hiccups and ensures a smooth start to each group telehealth session.

Recurring Group Sessions

For ongoing group therapy or support group sessions, our solution offers the flexibility to set up recurring meetings. Hosts can schedule multiple sessions with ease, and the platform takes care of sending out new invitations and reminders for each recurring session. This feature simplifies the management of long-term group engagements, providing continuity in the virtual healthcare space while saving time and streamlining the invite process.

Attendance Tracking Reports

With group sessions, it is critical to track attendance and participation. Understanding that this can present a challenge, especially in larger groups, SecureVideo provides detailed reports that include the attendance of each individual in the group. Further, a “Details” button within the report displays the exact join and leave times for each participant. These attendance tracking features empower healthcare providers to focus on the content of their session, rather than being distracted by anyone joining or leaving a session.  

Customizable Display Names for Privacy

Maintaining the integrity of PHI is a critical concern in healthcare, and SecureVideo addresses this by offering a “Display Name” field for telehealth session participants. This feature allows hosts to customize how participants’ names appear during the session. Whether it’s using only first names, initials, or other privacy measures, this customization ensures that participants feel their personal information is protected.

Seamless Session Transfers

In such instances where a regular group session leader is unavailable, SecureVideo caters to this scenario by allowing sessions to be easily transferred to a different provider within their organization. The “Change Host” feature ensures care continuity while maintaining a great experience for participants; they won’t receive confusing cancellation or reschedule notifications, and may still join using their original invitation link.

SecureVideo Offers a Robust Group Therapy Telehealth Platform

Group therapy telehealth platforms, such as SecureVideo, offer the capacity for large groups, efficient workflows, and an emphasis on HIPAA Compliance, making it a valuable asset for therapists, support groups, and mental healthcare organizations. With its user-friendly interface and secure features, SecureVideo simplifies the process of hosting group telehealth sessions while maintaining high standards of privacy and accessibility. 

As telehealth continues to play a pivotal role in modern healthcare delivery, platforms like SecureVideo pave the way for effective and secure group interactions in the digital realm. 

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