SecureVideo Announces New Failover Switch Feature for a More Resilient Platform & User Experience

Our team at SecureVideo has recently launched a new failover switch feature that offers an alternative option for video service in the event of unexpected system outages or emergencies. This new feature is aimed at ensuring that all telehealth visits will proceed as usual in the event of a service disruption.

Today, we offer two video engines, Zoom and One-Click, for users to choose from based on their preferences. In the rare event that a video engine vendor experiences an outage, the centralized switch will be able to seamlessly transfer all sessions to the other vendor without any user intervention required. Furthermore, telehealth patients will be able to join their session without any disruptions, as they can use their original invitation link to rejoin.

The new failover switch allows for a quick and easy transition of users to an alternative video platform, making sure that telehealth visits can continue without compromising video quality or security. In addition, a second carrier for SMS notifications has been added to provide redundancy for the current carrier. This means that if one carrier experiences an outage, users can be notified through the second carrier as a backup.

This latest addition will instill a heightened level of assurance when conducting telehealth sessions. “During a widespread outage, providers may frantically search for a backup option or have to reschedule their video visits. With this latest feature, users can effortlessly move forward with their day as scheduled, as the sessions will transition to the alternate video engine to ensure uninterrupted connectivity,” states VP of Operations, Kate Brandis.

We are continually developing our solution to be the most reliable, user-friendly and feature-rich telehealth platform. Read our latest release blog to learn about more of our recent feature updates.