How Telehealth Can Help Reduce Hospital Admissions in San Antonio in 2024

The healthcare sector in San Antonio, particularly hospitals like Methodist Hospital, Baptist Medical Center, and University Hospital, is experiencing a consistent increase in hospital admissions, according to a recently released report. This escalating demand for healthcare services can exert immense pressure on the local healthcare system, necessitating innovative solutions for managing patient care effectively. 

With telehealth, however, hospitals have access to a digital health tool that has the potential to significantly alleviate the admission burden by providing remote healthcare services, reducing the need for physical hospital visits. To that end, we’re discussing the prospect of telehealth in hospitals and how the San Antonio-based company SecureVideo can help reshape the healthcare landscape in this city.

The Rising Admissions Trend at San Antonio’s Leading Hospitals

According to 2022 hospital admissions data from the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio’s top hospitals have observed a steady increase in patient admissions. The report reveals that large facilities such as Methodist Hospital & Methodist Hospital – Stone Oak admissions rose from 92,984 in 2021 to 100,832 in 2022 and 16,312 to 17,240, respectively, highlighting a steady increase in admissions. In 2023, similar trends were seen as they look to finalize data. 

A similar trend was also noticed at Baptist Medical Center, which saw admissions rise from 56,043 in 2021 to 57,180 in 2022. University Hospital also had admissions increase from 30,522 to 31,692. These escalating figures underscore the pressing need for these growing healthcare facilities to expand their services and explore innovative solutions for managing patient care. 

The Role of Telehealth in Managing Hospital Admissions

The benefits of telehealth for hospitals are manifold, with one of them being the reduction of hospital admissions. According to an HHS report by, remote patient monitoring facilitated by telehealth has been shown to decrease hospitalizations, resulting in shorter stays and fewer emergency room visits. This is especially beneficial for patients who lack easy access to healthcare facilities.

Evidently, the rise of telehealth presents a unique opportunity for hospitals to manage increases in admissions more effectively. Telehealth can streamline the care process, allowing for more efficient triage of patients, reducing unnecessary hospital admissions, and enabling healthcare providers to manage a larger patient load while improving patient health outcomes.  

As more and more facilities continue to explore the potential of telehealth, the future of healthcare in San Antonio looks poised for a digital transformation.

How SecureVideo Can Help San Antonio Healthcare Systems

SecureVideo is a San Antonio-based telehealth provider that specializes in offering virtual care solutions to healthcare facilities. Our comprehensive platform provides a range of telehealth tools designed to create an optimal patient-provider experience, including a virtual waiting room, E- Documents, secure messaging, and more. As a result, healthcare providers have the ability to triage patients efficiently and collaborate with other specialists remotely, leading to better-coordinated care.

Now, leading hospitals in San Antonio can replicate the traditional in-person clinic experience for patients virtually using SecureVideo. This results in patients receiving timely care and consultation, reducing hospital admissions and freeing up resources. 

Contact SecureVideo & Begin Transforming the Patient Experience

Like countless other industries, healthcare is making the overture to digital transformation and telehealth solutions like that of SecureVideo are leading the way toward a more efficient and patient-centered approach. By empowering healthcare facilities with digital tools, we can reduce the strain on hospital admissions, improving the patient experience while upholding the highest standards of care.

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