Telehealth is Health: Supporting Telehealth Awareness Week

Telehealth has revolutionized the healthcare industry, enabling patients and providers to interact virtually and eliminating the barriers associated with in-person care. Due to its increasing importance in providing equitable access to healthcare, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) has instituted Telehealth Awareness Week (TAW) for the third consecutive year from September 17th to 23rd. 

This week is meant to highlight the role of telehealth in an omnichannel care delivery model while promoting the need for hybrid care models for greater healthcare equity across populations. SecureVideo is proud to support this initiative to provide equal access to healthcare for all populations.

What is Telehealth Awareness Week (TAW)?

TAW is an initiative by ATA that seeks to underscore the importance of telehealth and hybrid care models in healthcare delivery. The week-long awareness campaign is providing new educational resources centered on the distinct advantages of hybrid care, while offering a platform to give patients and healthcare professionals a voice in the healthcare space.

The Importance of Telehealth for Underserved Populations

One of the challenges facing healthcare systems is providing adequate healthcare for all populations. Social determinants of health care, including socioeconomic status, education, location, environment, employment, and social support networks, can create barriers to healthcare for some populations. Telehealth helps bridge this gap by providing healthcare despite geographical barriers.

Telehealth allows for equitable healthcare across all populations. Underserved populations, such as rural Americans, those with limited access to transportation, the economically disadvantaged, marginalized people, and immobile or older, benefit immensely from telehealth. It expands healthcare access and overcomes time, transportation, and technological difficulties. Access to adequate healthcare for all populations is necessary for public health, and telehealth helps achieve that goal.

SecureVideo’s Commitment to Secure Telehealth

Social determinants of health can greatly affect access to healthcare for various populations, and SecureVideo is committed to removing barriers through state-of-the-art telehealth solutions. Our secure telehealth platform provides easy-to-use telehealth solutions that streamline telehealth experiences for patients and providers, aiming to provide stable, secure, and effortless video connection at all times, leaving no room for technological difficulties. 

SecureVideo offers various tools to streamline healthcare workflows for providers, such as: 

  • Secure clinical chat 
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Scheduling sessions on demand
  • The ability to set notifications and reminders
  • E-Documents
  • Group session capabilities 
  • Video engine fallback 
  • Branding capabilities
  • Excellent support

Join SecureVideo in Celebrating Telehealth Awareness Week (TAW)

SecureVideo is proud to support Telehealth Awareness Week and its objective of providing equitable healthcare access for all populations. With our participation in TAW, we have the unique opportunity to celebrate the advances in telehealth that have enabled greater access to healthcare. For this reason, SecureVideo invites healthcare providers and patients to participate in this week-long event by sharing their experiences with telehealth. 

Contact our team today to learn more about our telehealth platform and how your healthcare practice can remain committed to providing healthcare equity to all.