Patient Aftercare Programs Made Easy with SecureVideo’s Telehealth Platform

Telehealth platforms are changing the way aftercare programs are conducted. No longer must patients wait for an appointment to come in-person to a provider’s office. With SecureVideo’s HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform, providers can now offer virtual follow up appointments that are convenient for both them and their patients. In this blog, we will discuss telehealth’s impact on aftercare, along with the benefits associated.

Secure Telehealth that Promotes Better Health Outcomes

Secure telehealth helps to promote better health outcomes while also improving communication between provider and patient. When it comes to follow ups to appointments, ease of communication is essential – because aftercare helps to ensure that patients are recovering well and following their care plan correctly. By providing aftercare via telehealth, patients can experience improved health outcomes as it becomes easier to access care and comply with follow-up recommendations from providers.

It goes without saying that telehealth makes healthcare infinitely more accessible for many. This is because patients who wouldn’t otherwise have easy access to follow up appointments have the ability to connect with their provider from the comfort of their own home. This is especially beneficial for patients who live in rural areas, or who have difficulty leaving their home due to mobility issues. With telehealth, physicians can check to make sure their patient is recovering well and potentially catch any issues before they develop further. Physicians can even assist with medication adherence through virtual visits.

Why Aftercare & SecureVideo’s Telehealth Platform are the Perfect Pair

SecureVideo’s telehealth platform is the perfect tool for conducting aftercare appointments. This is due to the fact that it is incredibly user-friendly both for patients and providers. In terms of features, SecureVideo offers an E-Documents feature for prescribing aftercare, as well as a clinical chat feature that allows secure communication between patients and physicians. Additionally, with our masked calling feature, physicians are enabled to call a patient even when they’re away from their office. From there, physicians can be assured that the patient’s return call is directed to a phone line that will be answered by the organization for appropriate assistance.

With the option to send invitations for follow up appointments, providers can easily add our telehealth solution into their workflows. And with our platform available on both desktop and mobile, patients have the ability to connect via high quality and reliable videoconferencing with their device of choice. Moreover, providers can better monitor medication adherence, and inform patients on what to look out for that might warrant another visit. Ultimately, aftercare for telehealth means physicians are enabled to better communicate with and educate their patients.

SecureVideo: The Telehealth Solution of Choice for a Better Aftercare Experience

If you’re looking for a telehealth platform that will help to improve your aftercare program and make it more convenient for both you and your patient, SecureVideo should be your go-to telehealth solution.  SecureVideo is designed with proper aftercare in mind, and our features are entirely HIPAA compliant to ensure total patient privacy. With comprehensive features such as patient-facing scheduling, E-Documents, and next-level video quality, SecureVideo telehealth is the ideal tool for conducting better aftercare appointments. Get in touch with SecureVideo today to learn more about how our telehealth platform is transforming aftercare programs for the better.