HIMSS Webinar Recap: Revolutionizing Patient Care Through Hospital at Home

In the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare, the concept of hospital-level care administered in the comfort of a patient’s home is not just an ideation but is swiftly becoming a reality. SecureVideo attended the HIMSS webinar held on Thursday, January 18, 2024, to provide insights on this groundbreaking approach and its potential impact on patient […]

SecureVideo’s Recent Release Notes: Greater Resilience & Improved Usability

The SecureVideo team is proud to announce the latest updates to our telehealth platform, which were released at the end of 2023. This past quarter, we focused on enhancing platform resilience and usability to ensure that our users experience seamless, uninterrupted telehealth sessions. Among our noteworthy enhancements is the introduction of a video failover feature, […]

9 Ways to Leverage Telehealth Group Sessions

One particularly promising development in the digital healthcare landscape is the rise of telehealth group sessions. This feature offers a dynamic and effective means for behavioral therapists and other providers to deliver care remotely to larger groups. This approach has immense potential in various areas, including telehealth group sessions for lifestyle changes, chronic disease management, […]

SecureVideo Earns a Spot on Capterra’s Shortlist for Best Telemedicine Software

SecureVideo recently announced its designation as a critical player in telehealth with a remarkable accomplishment: a much-coveted position on Capterra’s Telemedicine Software Shortlist for the year 2023. This recognition is not only a testament to our dedication to excellence but also speaks volumes about the trust and approval we’ve gained from professionals within the healthcare […]

Navigating Telehealth Group Sessions with SecureVideo

In person group therapy sessions have long stood as a cornerstone in the process of mental health recovery and personal development. They provide a unique, supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences, learn from others, and develop effective coping strategies.  In recent years, however, these sessions have evolved into a new format: telehealth group […]

Telehealth for Addiction Treatment: How Teletherapy Assists in Recovery

Substance abuse and addiction are pressing challenges that countless individuals face daily. In recent years, telehealth has emerged as a revolutionary approach to extending the reach of addiction treatment to those who may have previously found it inaccessible. Through teletherapy, behavioral health therapists can provide essential assistance to those grappling with substance abuse, irrespective of […]

How Telehealth Can Reduce Provider Burnout

Healthcare providers are at the front lines of patient care, but the demanding nature of their work often leads to burnout. Clinician burnout is a significant issue in the healthcare industry, with 53% of doctors reporting burnout, a steady increase from previous years. Burnout, which is linked to mental health, has far-reaching consequences for patients […]

4 Virtual Clinic Features for a Smooth Telehealth Experience

Telehealth can be overwhelming to navigate, but by leveraging the right features, it becomes a seamless experience. Such digital tools are purpose-built to enhance communication, streamline patient data intake, and simplify telehealth scheduling for both medical staff and patients.  Today, we will explore four essential features of SecureVideo’s Virtual Clinic that empower a smooth telehealth […]

Telehealth from Anywhere: Using Telehealth Tools for Accessible Care

Healthcare accessibility continues to pose a significant challenge for those facing barriers to care delivery. With the advent of telehealth, however, healthcare accessibility is becoming far more widespread and reaching previously underserved communities. Today, we’ll explore telehealth’s impact on healthcare accessibility and how features like telehealth language interpretation can help expand access to healthcare. How […]

How Telehealth Can Help Reduce Hospital Admissions in San Antonio in 2024

The healthcare sector in San Antonio, particularly hospitals like Methodist Hospital, Baptist Medical Center, and University Hospital, is experiencing a consistent increase in hospital admissions, according to a recently released report. This escalating demand for healthcare services can exert immense pressure on the local healthcare system, necessitating innovative solutions for managing patient care effectively.  With […]