Reduce No-Shows with Advanced Telehealth Scheduling Tools

Most providers who offer care virtually will agree that one of the most frustrating parts of telehealth is dealing with missed appointments. No-shows occur for various reasons, though frequently, they can be attributed to human error. Easy telehealth scheduling and automated appointment reminders are the backbones of a successful virtual practice. This post will share […]

Group Telehealth Therapy Sessions: Top Benefits & Considerations

Telehealth group therapy offers a way to conduct a contactless behavioral healthcare session for multiple participants, a staple of many behavioral health treatment plans. There are many benefits to offering virtual group therapy, including increased convenience and accessibility for patients. However, there are also a few things to consider before launching group therapy via telehealth. […]

5 Ways to Make Your Telehealth Sessions More Effective

When providing quality healthcare, nothing is more critical than the patient-provider relationship. And thanks to telehealth technology, that relationship can now be strengthened even when the two parties are miles apart. To make the most of your telehealth sessions, however, it’s essential to ensure that your platform is easy to use, stable, secure, and efficient. […]

How Secure Telehealth Can Improve Patient Health Outcomes

Healthcare is evolving each and every day. With the rise of secure telehealth, more and more patients can get general or specialized care from the comfort of their homes. This has led to better patient health outcomes and a more cost-effective healthcare system. In this blog post, we will discuss secure telehealth’s positive impacts on […]

Telehealth vs. In-Person Care: Which is Right for Your Practice?

Nowadays, many healthcare providers are asking themselves the same question: “which is better for my practice, telehealth or in-person care?”  The answer depends on your patient population, practice setting, as well as your own personal preference on how you want to deliver care. Though both methods have their own unique advantages, it’s imperative that you […]

Telehealth E-Documents: Your Top Questions Answered

SecureVideo’s E-Documents feature is a powerful way to send and receive sensitive patient information securely prior to a telehealth session. In our recent webinar, we answered some of the top questions that our users had about E-Documents. In this blog post, we will recap the Q&A section of the webinar and provide more information about […]

10 Companies That Lost Millions For These Avoidable HIPAA Violations

As Telehealth grows and becomes more relevant to healthcare, so too are the protections around it. Through Telehealth, medical providers are creating, storing, exchanging and deleting Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) all the time; but is this safe? Can video streams be tapped without their knowing? Is the information that’s stored online secure? Will PHI […]

The Telehealth Resource You Need

Image from Telehealth Resource Centers If you’ve been looking for information on Telehealth (what it’s about, reimbursement details, legal information, implementation strategies, etc.) Telehealth Resource Centers can help. TRC is a great resource because it stays up to date and addresses several fundamental questions that arise with this new technology. Examples include: “What is the […]

The 9 Standards for HIPAA’s Administrative Safeguards

HIPAA’s definition on Administrative Safeguards: “Administrative actions, and policies and procedures, to manage the selection, development, implementation, and maintenance of security measures to protect electronic protected health information and to manage the conduct of the covered entity’s workforce in relation to the protection of that information.”