Release: Session duration, activity download, and plan updates

This article covers many changes made in the last few months. We’ve received many requests on capturing session duration, and were very pleased to release this as a feature! Account admins can now view session duration along with other session history. We’ve also made it easier to track monthly session activity by making session count […]

Release: Mobile Friendly, Add to Calendar, and Scheduling for Others

We always try to stay busy at SecureVideo, but we have been REALLY busy the last few months, and will be implementing the fruits of our labor late in the evening tonight…but we’re just too excited to keep it to ourselves for one more day. Mobile Friendly Makeover The first thing you’ll probably notice is our brand […]

24/7 support and other upgrades

We’re working on some big projects (spoilers: one of them is about giant changes for your tiny devices!), but we’ve got a mini-release to keep things fresh. 1. The first isn’t code-related, but it’s such a beautiful change, we’ll be trumpeting it everywhere we can. SecureVideo’s support team is now available around the clock by […]

Release: Android Phone Support, Session Recordings, and Windows Desktop Sharing

This article covers our latest deploy as well as another recent deploy, so it has several major updates we’re really excited about. 1. One such update is support for Android phones! If your device is running Android 4.0.3 and up, you can now use SecureVideo on the go from your phone. 2. Another upgrade that […]

Mini-release: Customized Time Zones

We’re happy to announce another feature: customized time zones! Now you can send session invitations and reminders to your participants with the correct time and date for them, even if they are in a different timezone than yourself. This will be a convenient feature for our mental health and healthcare providers that are licensed in […]

Desktop sharing, notifications, and SecureVideo getting started guide

We have another bundle of new changes, with one feature especially for Windows users: desktop sharing! Previously only a feature for hosts using a Mac computer, hosts on a Windows computer will now also be able to share an entire screen, and resize as needed. For more information, please see our support center article, How […]

Mini-release: new tabs and updated pages

It’s that time again! This mini-release mostly consists of updating our web content. We are hard at work on some larger projects (such as session recordings), but a bit of housekeeping never goes amiss. One thing that you may have noticed is that we have combined a few tabs together, to free up space on […]

Text messaging, contacts management, and other upgrades

It’s been a busy month at SecureVideo, and we are thrilled to roll out this deploy. One change we’ve really looked forward to is opening our E-Documents feature to all PLUS accounts in addition to Enterprise accounts. This will make it easier for hosts to securely send and receive Statements of Understanding, Releases of Information, […]

Release Notes: March 10, 2014

Not a very (external) release this month, but don’t worry, we still come bearing a gift. While working on customizations for our videoconferencing API, we decided to add one of them to our general branding feature: custom tabs. If you began using branding before March 5, you click on that link for instructions on adding […]

Release Notes: February 27, 2014

It’s been another month of mostly internal upgrades, although we have two big external changes as well: the release of our API documentation and the expansion of our E-Documents feature. Features/Enhancements: Released our API documentation. SecureVideo’s RESTful API enables software-to-software integration with our HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing service, and the documentation can be found in this Support […]