We Believe That Telehealth Should Work, Always

Since 2012 we’ve said no to long implementation times and complex, custom development.

Our Mission

In the telehealth industry, we saw long implementation times, heavy custom
development needed from clients, and a lot of repeat work being done for
different customers.

And we knew there had to be a better way.


We Believe In...


  • Ensuring the best video quality
  • Dedicated to the best connectivity
  • Designed to attain the best outcomes


  • Designed to work today and into the future
  • Effective across all of your teams and use cases
  • Useful without custom development


  • Here for you 24/7
  • No burden on your providers or patients
  • Easy to implement and use

Our Founding Team

We were founded by a technologist, JT, and a clinician, Tom. Together we work to
create an application that is never out-of-date, easy to use, and most importantly,
delivers reliable quality that enables the best patient outcomes.


JT Taylor

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder


Tom Farris



Start Offering Secure, Reliable Telehealth Today.