SecureVideo Joins South Texas HIMSS Chapter

In an effort to expand its footprint in the digital healthcare space, SecureVideo has joined the healthcare thought leader’s South Texas Chapter. 

SecureVideo is now a proud member of the South Texas Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Chapter, underscoring the telehealth provider’s ongoing effort to further establish its presence and drive innovation in the telehealth space. The HIMMS organization is a globally recognized leader in healthcare, dedicated to promoting the digital transformation of healthcare organizations and the broader healthcare ecosystem. 

By joining the South Texas HIMSS Chapter, SecureVideo aligns itself with an organization known for its expertise in health innovation, workforce development, and research. This partnership offers the SecureVideo team unparalleled opportunities to grow its network within the digital healthcare realm, engage in leadership-building activities, and access a wealth of perspectives that will further enhance the telehealth platform. 

The HIMSS Chapter network, spanning 55 chapters across the United States, Canada, and India, provides a unique platform for healthcare system professionals to connect, exchange knowledge, and learn from expert speakers in a local forum. For SecureVideo, this membership represents a strategic move to facilitate future growth, providing its members with access to resources that foster collaboration and innovation in telehealth.

This latest initiative is a testament to SecureVideo’s dedication to elevating the standards of telehealth services and its mission to deliver exceptional digital healthcare experiences. The SecureVideo team looks forward to contributing to and benefiting from the vibrant community of healthcare innovators within the HIMSS Chapter network.

SecureVideo: Striving for Excellence in the Digital Healthcare Landscape

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