SecureVideo’s Latest Feature Updates – May 2024

SecureVideo is constantly making improvements to our secure telehealth platform, ensuring an optimal user experience for both providers and patients. Recently, our team has been working hard to enhance our existing features and introduce new ones. Today, we’re highlighting some of our latest feature updates and how they can benefit SecureVideo users. 

Changes to Our Telehealth E-Documents

E-documents are crucial for telehealth services, enabling the secure exchange of patient information. To improve this essential function we’ve introduced new download buttons that simplify the process for participants to save documents for their records, significantly improving accessibility and user experience.


Additionally, hosts can now set default documents for themselves to sign, streamlining the document management process for hosts. Current options include “All Documents” or “No Documents” however we are working towards making a customizable packet in the near future. This option can be found in the “Account Options” section (Admins) and “My Options” (Hosts) underneath the “Scheduling” tab. 

Changes to Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Security is paramount in telehealth. To bolster our multi-factor authentication (MFA) process, we’ve added a new button to resend the MFA code if the one provided expires or is incorrect, addressing some user experience (UX) concerns and reducing potential confusion. Below, we dive into more detail on these updates: 

Send New Code

The “Send New Code” button on the MFA page is a helpful addition for users who may face a timeout before entering the code, or encounter any other issues where the code may have expired.

More Telehealth Feature Updates

Add Custom Text to Your SecureVideo Email Invites

See “Custom Text” at the bottom of the “Features” tab to add and manage customizations in notification emails. Some uses for this could include displaying a cancellation policy, payment deadline, or other general statement that should be made regarding sessions.

 A Third Reminder Option

We have introduced a third customizable reminder notification, giving users more control and flexibility in managing their alerts. 

System Alerts

We’ve enhanced our user login page to ensure system alerts will be prominently displayed without the need to log in first.

Contact SecureVideo to See Our New System Updates in Action

SecureVideo is ensuring an optimal telehealth experience through continuous innovation and feedback from our valued users. Our latest feature updates are designed to improve the user experience, enhance security, and provide more flexibility and customization options. 

Contact SecureVideo today to see these updates in action and learn more about how they can benefit your healthcare organization.