Enhancing Patient Care Through API Integration

In a healthcare landscape perpetually steered by technological advancements, API integration stands out as a beacon of efficiency and enhanced patient experiences. Axia Women’s Health, a women’s healthcare provider in the Northeast and Midwestern US, undertook a remarkable shift in their patient care ecosystem with the integration of SecureVideo’s API. The result was not just a seamless connection of their telemedicine services to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system but a revolution in patient care and staff efficiency. 

Transitioning to SecureVideo

Before the integration of SecureVideo’s API, Axia Women’s Health faced a common yet critical issue in the realm of telehealth – disjointed systems. The crucial transition to SecureVideo prompted staff and admins to log into separate platforms for scheduling and session management, introducing unneeded complexity in their workflow.

SecureVideo API Integration: Solving Administrative Challenges

The integration’s primary purpose was solving the dual entry in eClinicalWorks (eCW) and SecureVideo. The API not only bridged this gap but also addressed a time-consuming co-payment reconciliation issue.

Implementation Process and Post-Implementation Benefits

The collaboration between Axia’s developers and SecureVideo, supported by SecureVideo’s detailed documentation, led to the successful integration of SecureVideo’s API into Axia’s system, enhancing user experience. The improvements post-implementation include better user experience with fewer administrative tasks and automated telehealth details, allowing staff to focus on patient care. This led to smoother session management and fewer missed appointments. This integration improved operational efficiency and the quality of patient care.

API Integration Benefits

SecureVideo’s API garners praise for providing greater efficiency to staff, the ability to populate detailed patient information, and the flexibility to specify meeting topics with inherent session details capability. The seamless transition from the old integration and the proactive troubleshooting facilitated by thorough support documentation and naming conventions cemented the success of API utilization at Axia.

Axia Women’s Health Enhances Telehealth Services with SecureVideo API Integration

Axia’s collaborative journey with SecureVideo API integration serves as a blueprint for hospitals and healthcare organizations looking to empower their staff and enhance patient care. By focusing on the seamless integration of technology within the existing healthcare framework, the impact on efficiency and, more importantly, the overall patient care experience has been profound. 

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