SecureVideo’s Latest Feature Releases: Advancing Telehealth One Update at a Time

SecureVideo is dedicated to enhancing your video conferencing experience, ensuring that every interaction is seamless, secure, and efficient. With a commitment to continuous improvement and telehealth innovation, we are introducing new features designed to streamline your virtual meetings and elevate your communication tactics. These new additions are developed with your convenience and security in mind to ensure that your virtual engagements are more productive and streamlined than ever. 

Calendar Sync Feature

The Google and Outlook calendar sync feature is now enabled by default. Our calendar integration allows you to automatically sync the SecureVideo sessions you host to your calendar, and view your Google and Outlook appointments within SecureVideo’s calendar as well. This enhancement offers greater visibility, as it will be readily accessible in the “Edit User” section without being enabled in settings beforehand.

One-Click Session Launching through API

Our latest feature enables API customers to automatically start a One-Click session using the External Session ID, eliminating the need for the SV Session ID. This enhancement is a top priority for our customers who are looking to streamline workflows and reduce clicks and steps.

Text Edits

We’ve introduced several text edits across the platform. For customer-facing pages utilizing filters, we’ve refined the message for better clarity. Should a search or default display return no results, users will now see “No results found for the current search filters,” accompanied by guidance on modifying their search criteria for better outcomes. 

Additionally, we’ve updated the error messaging to include participants with non-unique names or archived contacts, ensuring more transparent communication. Lastly, navigating the Account Billing page to view past invoices has been simplified with more intuitive text cues, making it easier for users to manage their finances within SecureVideo.

Coming Soon: Extended Event Details & Notifications 

Significant enhancements are being made to our Events page and notifications system. Currently limited to a 30-day viewing window, we’re upgrading our backend technology, allowing for an extended data retention period of up to one year. This upgrade means users will be able to access detailed histories of participant interactions, reminder history, RSVP changes, and more for a significantly longer time. We’ve laid out the groundwork for future updates that will enable users to view extended notification events directly to further improve the SecureVideo experience.

Contact SecureVideo & Begin Leveraging the Latest in Telehealth Technology 

With these enhancements, SecureVideo continues to push the boundaries of telehealth technology, ensuring that our platform not only meets but exceeds users’ evolving needs. We are committed to providing secure, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that empower healthcare professionals and patients to connect more effectively.

For any queries or to learn more about how these updates can enhance your telehealth services, reach out to our team today!