HIMSS Webinar Recap: Revolutionizing Patient Care Through Hospital at Home

In the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare, the concept of hospital-level care administered in the comfort of a patient’s home is not just an ideation but is swiftly becoming a reality. SecureVideo attended the HIMSS webinar held on Thursday, January 18, 2024, to provide insights on this groundbreaking approach and its potential impact on patient care.

About the HIMSS Webinar

With an increasing number of healthcare organizations considering or already implementing hospital-at-home programs, understanding the intricacies of such models becomes critical. The HIMSS committee curated this session to dissect crucial considerations ranging from care models and technology to patient education and regulations. This webinar aimed to clarify the various benefits, challenges, and pragmatic solutions associated with in-home care programs while discussing the technical nuances and regulatory frameworks that must be followed.

Expert Speakers Who Attended the Event

The session was moderated by Dr. Anwar Jebran, a prominent Primary Care Physician Informaticist with Oak Street Health and a Clinical Assistant Professor at The University of Illinois Chicago. The panel boasted distinguished members, including Dr. Eve Cunningham, MD, MBA, the lead authority on Virtual Care and Digital Health at Providence, and Dr. R. Ryan Sadeghian, MD, MBA, a Principal Healthcare Strategist at MITConn Consulting, among others.

Main Discussions

The panel explored various challenges and focal points of hospital-at-home initiatives:

  • Workforce Development for Home Care: A robust and well-trained workforce is fundamental to ensure effective home care services.
  • Patient-Centric Communication: The webinar stressed the importance of maintaining smooth communication channels to cater to patient needs effectively, revealing that a staggering 80% of patients opted for telehealth within their programs.
  • Financial Returns: Programs emphasizing value-based, patient-centric care were reported to generate noteworthy returns, often yielding 3 – 5x the initial investment.

From an IT Perspective

  • Mobile Health Applications: This is a crucial tool for both patients and healthcare facilities, ensuring constant connectedness and monitoring.
  • Delivery Methodologies: For in-house service delivery, staffing is critical. Conversely, outsourced service delivery hinges on partnerships and quality control.
  • Consistency in Care: Across all approaches, consistency remains the cornerstone of successful patient care.

Looking to the Future

  • Predictions for 2035: Integration of virtual and digital care into mainstream healthcare promises to revolutionize patient experiences.
  • Strategic Focus Shift: Internal hospital efforts might pivot towards mission-critical care, transitioning other services to home settings.
  • Smart Homes and Communities: Envisioning a future of enhanced care monitoring and seamless healthcare system integration.
  • Healthcare Delivery Landscape: The future forecasts a paradigm shift where care facilities step back, prioritizing patient care anywhere and everywhere.
  • Digital Innovation as the Catalyst: With advancements like Samsung’s translation feature showcased at CES2024 facilitating doctor-patient communication, technological innovations are poised to expand the healthcare capabilities manifold.

SecureVideo: Always Remaining Ahead of Healthcare Trends & Technology

This HIMSS webinar not only illuminated current practices in hospital-at-home care but also anchored a future where healthcare transcends traditional boundaries. As we brace for this future, professionals and institutions are called to adapt and thrive in this new, patient-centric, and technologically-driven landscape. SecureVideo remains committed to understanding and incorporating these advancements, enabling us to continue serving as the leader in secure videoconferencing for healthcare. Get started with SecureVideo to remain ahead in healthcare.