The Benefits of Virtual Counseling for the Elderly: A Case Study

Through advancements in telemental health services, geriatric depression treatment has become more accessible than ever. In a recent case study by SecureVideo, we examined a research study conducted by Namkee Choi, a professor at a large public university in the Southwest United States, in which she and her team discovered the benefits of virtual counseling for older adults who commonly face multiple obstacles in seeking care.

Examining Telemental Health & its Benefits for Geriatric Populations

Telehealth has become an increasingly popular medium for mental healthcare. Despite this, many older generations still prefer in-person care instead of seeking help outside their traditional medium. For many older adults, however, accessibility to mental health services remains an issue. Professor Choi initiated a research study with nearly 300 seniors to explore telehealth’s impact on mental health care accessibility to lower-income, older populations.

Specifically, Professor Choi’s team sought to answer the question, “What is the role of telehealth in mitigating typical obstacles faced by lower-income older adults in accessing mental health care?” This study would shed light on how telehealth can be a useful tool in achieving a low-cost method for older adults over 50 to overcome common barriers associated with accessing mental health care.

Why the Research Team Used SecureVideo’s Telehealth Platform 

The research team faced some obstacles in delivering effective geriatric depression treatment. One obstacle they encountered was the technological literacy of elderly patients, which could impede their comfort in using technology for therapeutic purposes. In response to this challenge, they opted for SecureVideo’s platform, which contained a user-friendly interface and an excellent knowledge base and support team.

Additionally, secure recording capabilities allowed for thorough evaluations of counseling sessions, ensuring prompt attention to any issues that may have arisen. This component was especially important for things like research and training of other counselors.

Another fundamental aspect was the need for HIPAA compliance, which SecureVideo satisfies entirely, providing the necessary security for counseling sessions conducted over their platform. Ultimately, the research team concluded that SecureVideo’s telehealth platform was ideal for their needs, providing the necessary interface and security features for effective treatment with elderly patients.

Leveraging SecureVideo’s Telehealth Solutions Yielded Some Surprising Results

Perhaps one of the most fascinating results of the study was that the effects of depression treatment through telehealth lasted longer than in-person treatment. Experts attribute this to telehealth promoting self-efficacy, making it more likely for people who are set in their ways to embrace virtual treatment and find the process rewarding.

The convenience of conducting counseling sessions in the comfort of one’s home also contributes to increased patient ease and attention, making treatment more effective. Overall, the findings suggest that virtual care platforms like SecureVideo are essential for more accessible, effective, and easy-to-use telehealth services.

Here are some highly compelling statistics from the study that demonstrate the effectiveness of virtual depression treatment for geriatric populations:

  • 96% satisfaction among participants in the study 
  • 100% of participants reported ease of use
  • The study was expanded from 277 total participants to 320 due to patient satisfaction.

SecureVideo: Furthering Mental Healthcare Accessibility for Geriatric Populations

The research conducted by Professor Choi and her team proved to be instrumental in promoting the efficacy of telehealth for elderly patients. SecureVideo’s Telehealth solutions provide an intuitive platform with a user-friendly interface, secure recording capabilities, and full HIPAA compliance – making it an ideal solution for geriatric mental health services, among many other use cases.

Contact SecureVideo today to learn more about how our telehealth tools can help provide improved access to mental health services for all.