The Secret Telehealth Tool Every Provider Needs: Masked Calling

Every telehealth provider knows that patient communication is vital to quality healthcare, but phone calls often bring up privacy concerns. That’s why more and more providers are turning to masked calling, a telehealth tool that allows providers to protect their phone numbers while still easily connecting and following up with their patients. This post will discuss why telehealth providers should explore phone number masking and getting set up with masked calling in the SecureVideo platform.

What is Phone Call Masking?

Telehealth providers are well aware that their patients place a great deal of confidence in them when it comes to their health. That’s why it’s so important to seek new ways to improve secure communications regarding telehealth visits so as to protect personal information while still connecting with patients. Masked calling is one such telehealth tool that can help achieve this balance.

Phone number masking is a telehealth tool that allows healthcare providers to make outbound phone calls without revealing their personal phone numbers. Instead, the patient’s incoming call will display a verified number on their caller ID, such as the office’s main line. This not only protects providers’ privacy but also improves patient relationships as telehealth providers feel empowered to follow up with patients more securely and conveniently.

Why Should Telehealth Providers Take Advantage of Phone Number Masking?

Telehealth providers should prioritize using masked calling as part of their telehealth services. With masked calling, the provider’s number is displayed as recognizable, increasing the likelihood that the patient or client answers the call. This, in turn, reduces the chances of phone tag and enhances the communication of both parties involved.

Moreover, masked calling allows users to establish personal boundaries while maintaining a high level of convenience; because SecureVideo can be accessed from any device, a masked call may be placed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, using the device’s microphone and speakers. By adopting masked calling, telehealth providers can achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction and build trust in their services. 

Using Masked Calling in SecureVideo

SecureVideo’s masked calling feature is a must-have for healthcare providers that desire the convenience of calling patients from anywhere, but also wish to keep their personal phone number(s) private. Combined with other telehealth tools such as E-Documents and Chat, this feature is part of a complete package for a seamless telehealth experience. 

The initial verification process of the phone number you’d like to use for masked calling is done through the user interface in your account. After entering the phone number, such as your main office line, the system will automatically place a call to that number, and provide you with a verification code to enter when you answer the automated call. This process will only need to be done once, and your verified number will then remain active for masked calling in your account.  

After going through the steps to verify your phone number initially, making a masked call in SecureVideo is easy:

  1. Navigate to your SecureVideo account’s dashboard and select “Masked Call.”
  2. A dialer interface will appear, allowing you to enter the phone number of your patient or client.
  3. Begin and end your call as desired.

SecureVideo will automatically generate a report of all calls made, including the caller, call recipient, and duration (if applicable). This report may be accessed from the “Reports” page within users’ accounts.  

SecureVideo: Offering Advanced Telehealth Tools for Secure Communication

SecureVideo is the leading telehealth platform for healthcare providers, providing advanced tools that enable seamless patient communication. With masked calling and other security and privacy focused telehealth features, SecureVideo facilitates a quality experience that allows providers to stay connected to their patients without sacrificing privacy.

If you’re looking for a reliable telehealth platform that prioritizes security and privacy, SecureVideo should be your top choice. Get in touch with us & see why providers everywhere choose our telehealth platform.