How to Get the Most Out of Your Telehealth Solution

As telehealth capabilities continue to shape healthcare, providers must find ways to maximize their virtual care offerings. Secure telehealth is essential to this process, and many benefits can be gained with the right technology platform. 

From improved workflow and higher quality of care to a secure patient environment, providers should seek an easy-to-use solution that allows them to maximize the potential of remote care. This blog post will explore how providers can unlock the full potential of their telehealth solution.

How Telehealth Providers Can Optimize Their Virtual Care Services 

When considering how to maximize the benefits of a virtual care platform, there are a few key steps that providers should take.

Create Telehealth-Specific Workflows

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or work with a large team of providers, your telehealth processes will look different than your in-person services. New virtual care providers are encouraged to think through each step to help create the smoothest possible experience for those they serve. As such, the following questions should be considered:

  • From a patient and provider perspective, what does the process look like from start to finish?
  • How will sessions be scheduled? 
  • How will your paperwork be handled? 
  • Is your telehealth device (computer, tablet, etc.) set up in a secure, private location? 
  • How will the billing be handled? 

Use Telehealth Resources to Educate Yourself 

Laws and regulations regarding telehealth in your area of practice are constantly evolving. That’s why it’s so crucial for providers to stay up-to-date. 

Resources like the Telehealth Resource Center are a great place to start. 

Evaluate How You’re Using Telehealth Technology

With SecureVideo, our robust reporting options can be used to evaluate usage in great detail. Additionally, our knowledge base allows you to learn about features like Clinical Chat, E-Documents, Virtual Clinic, and other telehealth tools designed to help facilitate a superior virtual care experience. 

Take Advantage of Telehealth Support

Virtual care providers are encouraged to contact our support team for questions about their unique needs. Our Account Management team is an excellent resource for a walk-through on our platform and can make recommendations based on what they’ve learned from other practices with similar use cases. 

Find a Telehealth Platform that Will Be a Partner in Your Success

While SecureVideo would love to serve everyone for their telehealth needs, we realize many solutions exist. We recommend searching for a technology partner that will work with you towards your success in offering virtual care; one with responsive professionals who will guide you on the best ways to use their product while addressing your questions.

SecureVideo Tools that Maximize Your Remote Care Offering

For those using SecureVideo, our suite of integrated tools are designed to help providers maximize their telehealth capabilities. These include:

Incorporating Paperwork Workflows with E-Documents

Providers can realize streamlined document workflows when incorporating them into their remote care process using the E-Documents feature. Account Administrators can build their document templates by clicking on “Features”, > “E-Documents”, then clicking the “Edit Templates” button. Or, users can send their existing forms to SecureVideo’s support team if assistance is needed. Our form-building service includes up to 30 minutes for free, and we charge by the hour for additional time. Upon reviewing your existing documents, our support team will return a quote for professional services based on the length and complexity of your forms. We encourage users to review this support article that details the E-Documents feature. 

Customizable Email Session Invitations & Reminders

Providers can include custom language in session invites and reminder notifications with information specific to their practice. For example, some practices may choose to include a cancellation policy or other general practice policies. Account Administrators can do so by clicking “Features”> “Notification Customer Extensions” to view the options for adding custom text. They may always reach out to for assistance. 

Enabling the Virtual Clinic 

For providers using SecureVideo, the Virtual Clinic feature allows patients/clients to request sessions based on providers’ availability through a public booking page. Sessions can be requested in advance (scheduled date and time) or on-demand if a provider offers urgent care services. The patient may choose a provider or the platform can be configured to opt for a “first available” model. The configuration possibilities are wide-ranging, so we recommend working with our support team or an Account Manager to help you get started. 

How One Practice Created A Consistent Telehealth Experience 

A mid-sized provider group started using SecureVideo at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each provider had signed up separately; some leveraged more of SecureVideo’s telehealth features than others. This inconsistency meant that while some providers were having an easier time with the platform when using the new features, the patients were not having a consistent experience.

This healthcare practice happened to have a group of users sharing a common email domain. So, the SecureVideo team approached this practice with an offer to help transition them to an organizational account. Since then, we have been able to incorporate the following into their telehealth experience:

  1. The practice’s logo and color scheme for a consistently branded appearance
  2. Custom E-Document templates, built to mirror the physical forms used in this practice
  3. Custom account configuration that facilitates a consistent user experience for both patients and providers

Moreover, as features have continued to develop over time, this practice continues to reap the benefits of an organization account with our telehealth platform. For example, users can now use the “Change Host” feature to provide backup in the event of an illness or time off. They can even add their practice’s cancellation policy to all outgoing session invitations and reminders. 

The key takeaway? Not only is this healthcare practice leveraging the multitude of features at their disposal, but their input and partnership help us to better understand how our platform could be improved for future use cases. 

How One Hospital Leveraged Telehealth Technology On-Demand

A large hospital with multiple locations has found a remarkable solution to its shortage of behavioral health providers with SecureVideo’s telehealth solution. Now, they can conduct psychiatric evaluations remotely, and their rotating staff can serve multiple Emergency Departments (ED) in several locations. 

With a dedicated tablet in each ED, evaluations can be conducted with the first available Psychiatrist within minutes. As a result, this innovative virtual care solution allows the hospital to provide timely and lifesaving services to patients in need while also maximizing the time and resources of their on-call staff.

SecureVideo Helps to Maximize the Telehealth Experience 

SecureVideo is committed to providing a seamless telehealth experience and the support needed to maximize efficiency and the user experience. While each provider’s needs may vary, the platform has been designed to provide flexibility and customization through various features. From telehealth scheduling tools and integrated E-Documents to custom branding and more, providers can now easily and quickly set up their practice for successful telehealth care delivery.

Contact SecureVideo today to learn how our platform can help bring a new level of efficiency and access to your care.