5 Ways to Make Your Telehealth Sessions More Effective

When providing quality healthcare, nothing is more critical than the patient-provider relationship. And thanks to telehealth technology, that relationship can now be strengthened even when the two parties are miles apart. To make the most of your telehealth sessions, however, it’s essential to ensure that your platform is easy to use, stable, secure, and efficient. Here are five ways to make your telehealth sessions more effective.

Key Telehealth Features & Benefits for Improved Virtual Care

By their very nature, Telehealth appointments will require a different set of features than traditional in-person visits to provide the same quality of care. Here are some key features and benefits to consider when seeking to improve your virtual care:

1. Ease of Use

Choose a telehealth platform that’s easy to use by looking for those with video engine options like One-Click, which require no installation. This makes it simple and accessible for patients who may not be digitally literate while still providing high-quality display and video quality. Also, look into platforms that offer easy booking options, like sending out simple links to schedule telehealth sessions.

2. Uninterrupted Sessions

Make sure your telehealth platform has a reliable fallback feature to ensure the continuity of your session. This should include switching video engines quickly and seamlessly in the event of any connection issues. With this in place, you can rest assured that your telehealth sessions will go smoothly, without the need to cancel or reschedule because of a technical challenge. 

3. Secure Chat

Choosing a telehealth platform with secure chat features is essential for providing patients with a safe and satisfying experience. Look for platforms that offer encrypted messaging, ensuring that only you and the patient can access messages. This allows communication before, during, and after each session without compromising personal information.

4. Single Touch Entry

Choosing a telehealth platform with a single-touch entry for rapid patient assessment is vital for providing prompt and secure care. With single-touch access, specialists can quickly advise patients, remote care facilities can offer timely services to those in need, and hospitals can triage individuals with fewer steps or clicks. As such, this type of feature is ideal for those providing care in emergency or high-acuity settings.

5. Easy Payment & Paperwork Options

Choosing the best telehealth platform can distinguish between a smooth, worry-free experience and one fraught with difficulty. Look for platforms that offer E-Documents with digital signature capabilities, easy credit card payments, and virtual waiting rooms to streamline payment & paperwork processes. With these tools in place, you can ensure your patients have a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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