A Year in Review: Our Biggest Accomplishments in 2022

2022 has been a great year for SecureVideo. We have made significant strides in expanding our telehealth offerings and improving the customer experience. Our team is looking forward to carrying this momentum into 2023 and reaching new heights with secure telehealth. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of SecureVideo’s biggest accomplishments from 2022 and give you an idea of what’s ahead for 2023.

Developing & Expanding Our Telehealth Capabilities 

One of SecureVideo’s primary focuses in 2022 was to expand our secure telehealth capabilities. We developed new features upon the request of our loyal customers. Features such as Calendar Sync and Translation Services are immensely helpful for telehealth providers, as they assist with easier management of scheduling and make their services more accessible to a broader range of patients. Further, we’ve implemented a webinar series to facilitate customer education and support.

In an effort to make SecureVideo’s technology even more accessible, new customers can now take advantage of our Free Trial offering to try SecureVideo before making a purchase. This encourages users to explore SecureVideo’s features and understand how it can help them achieve their telehealth goals. Moreover, we’ve implemented a referral program to incentivize current customers to refer their friends and colleagues. In fact, we’ve even enhanced this offering by including an incentive for the referee, along with the referrer! 

In terms of growing our team, we’ve made some exciting new hires to our SecureVideo team in order to meet customer demand and provide even better support. Sabrina Smith is one of our newest members of the account management team and her role involves deepening engagement with current SecureVideo customers. This position is integral for us to better comprehend how to increase the value for customers who use our platform. In addition to Sabrina’s role, we’ve added two new Account Executives, Paul Alvarado and Andrew Mays, to continue our growth and gain an understanding of our position in the secure telehealth marketplace. Paul and Andrew have accomplished a tremendous amount of outreach to date, and their input has been valuable in helping to shape the direction of our business.

New Feature Highlights: Enhancing the SecureVideo Experience

SecureVideo has made several feature enhancements to improve the customer experience. We rely on our dedicated customers to provide us feedback and test our new features to ensure they are reliable and user-friendly. In heeding our customer feedback, we’ve been able to execute a variety of new features that have become staples in the SecureVideo platform.

These new features include:

  1. Calendar sync with Google and Microsoft calendars.
  2. Enhancements to our E-Documents feature, with more simplified template-building.
  3. On-Demand translation services for greater accessibility.
  4. Ability to change the host of previously scheduled sessions.

Events & the Look Ahead for 2023

Over the past months, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in industry-specific events to solidify our footprint in the telehealth sphere. In March, SecureVideo participated in Strategic Planning Week, an event that was held in-person in Walnut Creek with key members of our team. This allowed for us to have meaningful conversations about the trajectory of our SecureVideo and how to facilitate even more growth within our offerings.

Just a couple months later in May, we had our “Sales Team Launch Week,” to further develop our sales team’s knowledge and skills, and to come together on a strategy for their new roles. Finally, the SecureVideo team was an exhibitor at the 2022 Texas Psychological Association Annual Convention. In doing so, we were able to gain valuable insights into the world of behavioral telehealth, along with making some wonderful new connections. 

When it comes to our year-end projects, we have had some exciting items to wrap up the year! Our Virtual Clinic Webinar was held on November 16th as an educational opportunity for current customers, and our “Demo Day” event was held on November 30th for those considering SecureVideo as a possible telehealth solution. In the coming weeks, we will finalize our partnership program, with different types of incentive opportunities for our valued partners. As for the outlook for 2023, we have a few exciting items ahead! This includes a stellar website redesign, participation in even more conferences, as well as expanding our partnership programs.

2023 is Set to be SecureVideo’s Best Year Yet

At SecureVideo, we are proud of the progress that has been made so far and are even more enthusiastic for the year ahead.  2023 is sure to be a promising year for SecureVideo, as we plan to continue innovating our platform and enhancing the customer experience. We are looking forward to developing new features that make SecureVideo an even more comprehensive telehealth solution. SecureVideo will remain dedicated to providing the best secure telehealth platform for our customers and partners. We are excited for the journey ahead!