Examples of Telehealth Care: Transforming Healthcare As We Know It

There are a number of examples of telehealth care that have been implemented with great success. This includes everything from behavioral health to women’s healthcare. No matter the use, telehealth is proving to be an incredibly efficient and streamlined way to provide care. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few different telehealth examples and how care quality remains unwavering no matter the type of care.

Telehealth Isn’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon 

Over the last few years, telehealth care has exploded in popularity. This is due to a number of factors, including the rise in technological advances in regard to healthcare, and of course, the switch to digital mediums following the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the overwhelming return to in-person care, however, many providers believe telehealth is here to stay.

According to the American Medical Association, a vast majority of providers indicate that telehealth enables them to deliver high-quality and timely care.  Further, with the rise of digital therapies  and the ability to conduct visits with patients in real-time, it’s easy to see why this modality is so popular. Surprisingly to some, telehealth care isn’t necessarily limited to certain types of healthcare such as behavioral health or primary care check ups. As a matter of fact, telehealth can be applied across a number of different healthcare practices. 

Examples of Telehealth Care in Action

There are many populations that benefit from the increased accessibility of telehealth. From women’s healthcare to veterinarian care, telehealth is broad in its scope and application. Here are just a few examples of telehealth care in action:

Telehealth for Primary Care Check Ups

One of the most common telehealth examples is the use of telehealth for primary care check-ups. Virtual primary care visits can include medication review and updates, reviewing screenings and lab results, and even follow up visits. Moreover, telehealth for primary care is especially useful for determining if an in-person visit is warranted. 

Telehealth for Women’s Healthcare

Another telehealth example would be the use of telehealth for women’s healthcare. Practitioners can conduct fertility consultations and review initial screenings, test results and provide post-treatment counseling. When it comes to pregnancy care, virtual visits can be used to help monitor pregnancies that are considered high-risk, as well as provide pre and post natal treatment. Finally, menopause symptom assessment and management can be done via telehealth as well.

Telehealth for Neurology Care

Neurology care is yet another area where telehealth can be of great assistance. Examples of telehealth in neurology, or teleneurology, include treatment of conditions such as dementia, headaches, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Teleneurology is also beneficial for stroke patients, as well as those suffering from encephalopathy and Parkinson’s disease. Plus, with the ability to conduct online consultations through secure videoconferencing, neurologists can provide more timely care when it matters most.

Telehealth For Optometry & Dentistry

This may come as a surprise, but telehealth care can actually be applied to the optometry and dentistry healthcare sectors as well. As mentioned, telehealth makes healthcare more widely accessible than ever, and many patients may find it easier to follow up with annual appointments this way. With telehealth, dentists and optometrists can conduct initial screenings and patient history reviews, and even provide post-procedure follow up care.

Pediatric Telehealth Examples

Telehealth care can also be used in pediatrics. In fact, this type of care is becoming increasingly popular with more and more patients opting for telehealth for behavioral health. When it comes to pediatric telehealth, it is often used for early Autism screenings, ADHD, and other behavioral health issues. Further, providers can conduct consultations and answer questions from concerned parents, and even conduct follow-up visits.

Telehealth for Veterinarian Care

Last, but certainly not least, telehealth can even be used for veterinary care.  That’s right – there are actually a few telehealth examples in veterinary care. This type of care can be used to address chronic and recurrent issues for your pet such as fleas, new or acute concerns, as well as follow up care and post surgical rechecks.  Telehealth for veterinarian care is actually quite convenient and can help to ensure that your pet gets the care that it needs in a timely manner.

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