Making Behavioral Telehealth A Stress-Free Experience

Behavioral Health is becoming an increasingly important part of the overall healthcare landscape, which is why having a virtual care option is absolutely imperative in today’s world. Having taken off at the beginning of the pandemic, it appears Behavioral Telehealth is here to stay. With Behavioral Telehealth, patients can now get the help they need without ever having to leave their home which can be a far less stressful experience for many. The advantages of discreet and secure Telehealth services are becoming more and more apparent, and Behavioral Health practices are looking into making Telehealth a permanent solution.

Reducing the Burden on Patients & Providers with Behavioral Telehealth

There are various market factors that are influencing the need for virtual care in Behavioral Health practices, and many providers are beginning to see the benefits of this relatively new concept. The advantages, however, are not just for Behavioral Health practices, but for patients as well. In fact, Behavioral Telehealth solves many pain points for patients. This includes a lack of reliable transportation, certain health conditions preventing travel, and other socio-economic limitations such as living in rural areas where Behavioral Health practices can be few and far between. Telehealth also allows providers to see more patients by filling in gaps in their schedules with more appointments, which can help cut down on wait times and make Behavioral Healthcare more accessible overall.

It goes without saying that Telehealth allows providers to engage with patients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access care. Aside from this, Behavioral Telehealth sessions can even offer more privacy, safety, and convenience which many actually prefer. Even children and adolescents can get the most out of virtual visits, considering their comfort and aptitude when using this technology. Other groups of people that can benefit from Telehealth visits include those who are immunocompromised. Not only does this protect these patients, but eliminating the need for face masks required for in-person care can help with certain behavioral assessments as well.

All things considered, it’s evident that the advantages of Behavioral Telehealth far outweigh any potential obstacles, making it a crucial solution for Behavioral Health practices. So, how should a Behavioral Health provider go about implementing Telehealth at their practice?

Implementing Telehealth at Your Behavioral Practice

Behavioral Health practices can begin to offer Telehealth fairly easily, though it’s important to keep some items in mind for a successful launch. Here’s how to implement your new Behavioral Telehealth offering:

  • Communicate the availability of your virtual option to new and existing patients.
  • Specify what types of appointments can be virtual and which ones require in-person visits.
  • Once a patient schedules a visit, give clear instructions on how to join, and if the patient can schedule future appointments during their visit or from a booking page.
  • Allow patients to schedule a test session prior to their appointment to get a feel for the virtual environment.

SecureVideo makes implementing a Behavioral Telehealth solution easier and more convenient for providers. With dedicated support ready to assist both patients and providers 24/7,  Behavioral Health practices can focus on what they do best – helping patients.

SecureVideo as a Behavioral Telehealth Solution

SecureVideo is proud to offer a Behavioral Telehealth solution that is both HIPAA compliant and user-friendly. With the ability to set up new practices (no matter how large or complex) for our Telehealth solution in as little as 24-hours,  providers can get started with Behavioral Telehealth quickly and easily.

We understand that it is crucial for Behavioral Health providers to have all the resources and support that they need to use SecureVideo effectively. That’s why we work with new users to coordinate live 1 on 1 sessions, training for larger organizations, and 24/7 support for any additional questions. With a searchable knowledge base, users can get answers immediately just by typing in a few keywords.

The Future of Behavioral Telehealth Looks Bright with SecureVideo

At SecureVideo, we believe that Telehealth will be a permanent option for Behavioral Health practices going forward, especially as patients get more comfortable using this technology. As practices move past the initial “must have” phase of Telehealth, Behavioral Health practices can begin to improve and optimize the virtual care experience.

Behavioral Health practices know that patients (and even providers) can be apprehensive about videoconferencing. However, SecureVideo has made the experience as stress-free as possible for both the patient and provider. With features like easy scheduling, automatic reminders, and automatic calendar sync, as well as a dedicated support team, behavioral health providers can feel confident in their ability to provide quality and accessible care with SecureVideo.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can make your Behavioral Health practice’s Telehealth experience a stress-free one.