Donald Trump Just Got Elected President. What Does This Mean for Telehealth?


There’s a lot of uncertainty going around about what the results of this election mean for the nation; healthcare being a major focus. While it’s difficult to determine what will happen with healthcare overall, you can be assured that Telehealth will always be a growing and relevant part of our lives.

Medical videoconferencing is a glowing example of why Telehealth is so important. It has achieved its purpose in making quality care more accessible, affordable and all around more efficient. Because of secure video interactions, patients can meet their provider with the same privacy and confidentiality (if not more) than an in-person visit, but most importantly they can do this from anywhere. Addressing accessibility with such ease may sound like a luxury or simple convenience to some, but to others it’s an absolute necessity.

One common hindrance to patients receiving proper care is that they cannot physically access it. Whether a patient has limited mobility, resides in a rural area or requires a specialist out of state, they are all prevented from easily meeting with their provider. Medical videoconferencing overcomes these problems because both patients and providers can connect from their own computer or mobile device. No fancy equipment needed.

Now how does Donald Trump’s election affect Telehealth?
He has indicated that he plans to change existing legislation to allow doctors and other healthcare professionals to practice across state lines. This will further expand the coverage each provider is able to give and they can help even more patients than they previously could. As a provider, this is potentially great news for you. You would not be limited to where you’re licensed (or have to obtain and manage multiple licenses), and you’d have a wider range of patients. The president-elect has also signaled a strong interest in streamlining healthcare, an important part of which can be expected to include the substitution of expensive in-person visits with efficient Telehealth encounters wherever appropriate.

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, Telehealth will continue moving forward and constantly find ways to improve on healthcare. Get started and create your own virtual practice here.