Mini-release: new tabs and updated pages

It’s that time again! This mini-release mostly consists of updating our web content. We are hard at work on some larger projects (such as session recordings), but a bit of housekeeping never goes amiss.

One thing that you may have noticed is that we have combined a few tabs together, to free up space on your home bar. Individual plan users will now click on the More tab to access their Calendar and Messages, and Individual PLUS and Enterprise users will use the More tab to access their Calendar, Messages, and Electronic Documents:

Other changes:

  • Renamed the New Session tab in Hub to Home to better reflect its use
  • Added an attestation requirement when editing state/territory licensure in our clinician listings
  • Updated the Messages notification e-mail to include a link to our support article about clinician listings
  • Updated the browser and operating system detector on our download page, to take into account new browser versions
  • Updated our SecureVideo Features page to include our text messaging feature
  • Updated our website footer to include links to our Google+ and YouTube channel pages
  • Removed the Home tab from our website (you can still navigate back to the homepage by clicking on our logo!)
  • Added a tab on our website to provide information about our videoconferencing API, and linked to it from our homepage

Got questions, comments, or suggestions for future changes? Let us know in the comments or by email, support[at]securevideo[dot]com!