Release Notes: January 22, 2014

In this last deploy, we implemented a slew of back-end upgrades to the SecureVideo Hub site and our testing environment, which involved several days of extensive testing and a few instances of headdesking. We’re extremely pleased with the results now that we’ve got it sorted out, and we even got in a few updates that affect account holders.


  • We replaced the “Create a New Session” button on the dashboard with two buttons: “New Session – Start Now” and “New Session – Schedule for Later”. (For the difference between these two, see the beginning of our article, How do I schedule a videoconference session?
  • On iPhones, session links will open a new tab instead of a colorbox (pop-up).


  • Fixed screen width in Safari.
  • Fixed the download link showing up on iPhones to direct to the iPhone App store.
  • Removed all href=”#” links.

Got questions, comments, or suggestions for future changes? Let us know in the comments or by email, support[at]securevideo[dot]com!