Release Notes: December 5, 2013

It has been a busy week! We’ve got a big batch of little (and not-so-little) changes to the SecureVideo site and service.


  • We added iPhone to our list of supported equipment, woot! (With thanks to our videoconferencing platform, VSee, for making it possible)
  • Changed our Provider Directory so that all SecureVideo account types can create a listing. (PLUS members’ listings will still be featured at the top of all searches.)
  • Added “Member Since [Month Year]” information to account headers, provider listings, and our Admin panel.
  • Added plan type and “[X] Sessions to date” information to account headers.
  • Edited our billing system to accommodate pre-pays and rollover balances.
  • Set up a reminder email for account holders without a valid credit card.


  • Updated pricing on the website for the Individual, Individual PLUS, and Enterprise plans. (Pricing was grandfathered for all current account holders.)
  • Edited a broken link on our website.
  • SecureVideo staff can reinstate a canceled account, and reactivate a user. This will allow customers to recover their configuration or history if they want to reinstate but any monthly fees that would have accrued between the delete and reinstated date, will be due as if the cancellation never happened.
  • Edited the header labels on billing statements to reflect the new way we communicate the plan parameters
  • The billing tab is now hidden from non-account admins (only affects non-admin users on Enterprise plans).


  • Help center update: we’ve added articles for all the issues currently in our FAQ, a category about Scheduling Sessions, and a few more troubleshooting articles.

Got questions, comments, or suggestions for future changes? Let us know in the comments or by email, support[at]securevideo[dot]com!