Release Notes: December 4, 2013

We are continually building and working to improve SecureVideo for our customers, and want to make it easier for you to follow along if you’re interested! As our first edition of release notes, this will cover several deploys.


  • Schedule Next Session: will automatically populate an appointment for the same time next week, with the same session participant(s).
  • Added “Speech Pathologist” as a provider category.
  • Session participant name minimum length was reduced from 3 characters to 2 characters, to make it easier to use initials. (Account names still need to be at least 3 characters.)


  • If you try to add a participant to a meeting with a name less than 2 characters, you now get an error message that cites the length requirement. (Before, this was a vague error message.)
  • You can now sign up for a new account using the same email address as a closed account.
  • You can now see all sessions in your history and statement, including comped sessions.
  • Billing statements will now show monthly charges separately, and list included sessions at $0. (Before, it showed the price of each session, including sessions that counted toward the minimum monthly charge.)
  • We checked and cleaned up the XHTML on the website.
  • The New Zealand Time Zone will now show up correctly in session reminder e-mails.


  • Help center: a knowledge base for the SecureVideo website with documentation on some of our most common troubleshooting techniques. While our Support team is still standing by, we want to make sure our clients have a 24/7 resource to point them in the right direction if anything happens. We’re still testing the system and writing articles, but are excited to pass this milestone!

Got questions, comments, or suggestions for future changes? Let us know in the comments or by email, support[at]securevideo[dot]com!